What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Evaluation Question Three.

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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? by Mind Map: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

1. Lionsgate

1.1. I feel that Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation (Lionsgate) is the perfect distribution company for my film production, because of their high status, state of the art technology and previous successes with films similar to mine. The way that Lionsgate markets and distribute productions are very unique and effective , hence the high success they have had with titles such as SAW (which took back an amazing $103,096345 in box office sales, which is a huge taking from its estimated budget of $1,200,000) and the new film The Hunger Games (Which took a staggering $550,900,000). Lionsgate have a very smart way of finding the perfect audience for the film and distribute it to them and the fan base that is already created, examples being the hunger games fan base from the book series by lowering the age rating to ensure sales from box office are seen from this audience. The way in which Lionsgate films have marketed the new release, ‘Cabin in the Woods’ is particularly appealing to myself because of how it can be linked to my film due to the plot similarities and also how Lionsgate have made it an 15age rating to appeal to a younger audience and receive more sales. Lionsgate also used very enticing trailers and images of the film to create an immediate fan base and ‘hype’ for the film’s release. Although Lionsgate primarily work with much larger titles than mine, I would feel confident that they would be able to work in such a way that created a good ‘hype’ for the film, strategically market my film to gather a big following and give my movie a good chance of success.

1.2. The other title that relates to mine is the commonly referred to ‘The Strangers’. This movie was of high importance to me in the planning process of my film because it was the ability to see if this type of movie was a success, if it created a good ‘hype’ and also if the age certificate of a 15 was a good move to make. The film was distributed under the ‘Rogue Pictures’ corporation, which was a main contender for the ‘perfect’ distributor company for my film, but fell short to Lionsgate due to Lionsgate having far more experience and success in my movies genre and group.

1.3. Other film distribution companies i considered are: Rogue Pictures, Dark Castle Entertainment, Twisted Pictures, Fox Searchlight and DNA Films.

2. Funding

2.1. For the funding of my movie I could turn to mainstream organisations such as the Lotto or more independent film funding such as ITV. I have also found another good source of funding for independent films, that goes by the name of ‘Film London Microwave’, the company were established in 2006 and work in partnership with the likes of BBC films, the UK film council and are supported by skillset to give low budget, independent films the chance to be successful and find new talent.