Map for lesson plan ideas about Earth.

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Earth by Mind Map: Earth

1. Weather

1.1. Students will explore how weather is changed, and how the weather reshapes the earth.

1.2. There are online videos and activities to show the earth’s processes.

1.3. Cause and Effect can be learned well during this section

1.4. There are lots of links to other websites that could be helpful to understanding weather.

1.5. New vocabulary connected to weather can be introduced to the students.

2. This website has a lot of different lesson plan ideas.

3. Topography

3.1. Students will explore how topography reshapes the earth.

3.2. There are good online activities on this website to help the students learn about how the earth’s processes work.

3.3. The use of maps can be very useful in this section. They can learn how to read, and draw maps.

3.4. New topographic vocabulary can be introduced to the students.

3.5. Map skill lesson plan ideas. Lots of different ideas from different teachers.

3.6. Geography can be learned from this website. There are games and information that children can explore here.

4. Math

4.1. Can use Math Curse as a tool to show students how they can use math in real world situations.

4.2. Students can explore how math can be used in many circumstances. (i.e. circumference of earth, scale, measurement, etc.)

4.3. This website connects math wiith earth.

4.4. New math vocabulary can be introduced.