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Web Community by Mind Map: Web Community

1. Purpose

1.1. provide advice

1.1.1. reviews of businesses

1.1.2. New node

1.2. general socializing

1.2.1. facebook

1.2.2. myspace

1.3. provide information

1.3.1. civil services roads bridges signs geo-referenced

1.3.2. Computer tutorials Could define a format, similar to the "for dummies" series of books. Although there are several different authors, they all agree to use a particular format, and the publisher makes sure it meets those criteria.

1.3.3. Local information There seems to be a vacuum of good local information on the net... or maybe I'm just not looking

1.4. Communication

1.4.1. This is true of just about any website, right?

2. Monetize

2.1. micro-payments

2.1.1. extremely small Limit-approaching going to the extreme of usability sacrificing one benefit for another examples:

2.1.2. two-way

2.1.3. revenue stream partial to author revenue could be in the form of "credits" with a monetary value Could limit withdraws to rounded numbers ($5) increments? Higher? partial to network operator

2.1.4. Alternative to advertisement based revenue Frees up space normally taken up by adds

2.1.5. Possible supplement to ad revenue Start out with heavier ad based revenue, then gradually shift to micro-payments

2.1.6. Possible payment methods paypal direct credit card payments

2.1.7. Alternative currency carbon credits cell phone minutes airline minutes or miles subscription minutes game sites digital photo prints Kilowatt hours (energy) Alternative currency may require a partnership with another company or organization. For instance, to use KWh for an example, a company, or group of companies would have to agree to track and

2.2. Advertising Revenue

2.2.1. Google AdWords

2.2.2. Local Advertisers

2.2.3. Strategic advertising partners Companies that offer a companion service to yours that meshes well a task pad for instance, as a companion application to your calendar.

2.2.4. Product Placement Mentioning a service or product in your site. Could be a toughie to sell...

2.3. Classic subscription model

2.3.1. users of the service pay per month or year.