China Challenge

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China Challenge by Mind Map: China Challenge

1. Prepare for China

1.1. Cultural differences

1.1.1. Government

1.1.2. Food

1.1.3. Religon

1.1.4. Education System

1.1.5. Laws

1.2. Current issues

1.2.1. Pollution

1.2.2. Human rights

1.2.3. The Great Firewall of China

1.2.4. Workers' rights? Foxconn

1.3. History & background infomation of places We're Visiting

1.3.1. Suzhou Tiger Hill Gardens & Canals in Suzhou

1.3.2. Shanghai the Bund People’s Park Nanjing Road

1.3.3. Xian Terracotta Warriors Drum and Bell Towers Ancient walled city

1.3.4. Beijing The Great Wall of China The Forbidden City Summer Palace

1.4. Learning Basic Mandarin

1.4.1. Characters Male & Female characters (toilet) Entrance/exit chracters

1.4.2. Learning useful, essential phrases Excuse me Thankyou Some numbers (1-10) How much does this cost? whats the time? Do you speak English? Where is ..... what is this? Water Sorry Yes/No I don't speak chinese where are the toliets? Dollars Greetings Hello My name is.... I am from Australia Whats your name? Goodbye

1.4.3. tones 1st Flat tone - ( when you go to se a doctor, he will ask you to open your mouth, you say "ahhhh") 2nd rising tone / (the end of the word would be at a higher pitch to the rest of the word) 3rd Falling and rising tone \/ (say "ahh" while nodding your head) 4th falling tone \ (the end of the word would be at a lower pitch to the rest of the word, like when you mimic a cat and say "meow")

1.5. Sim Card?

1.5.1. with a data plan (so we can use online translation services as necessary)

1.5.2. So that we can keep in contact with one another in the case of an emergency.

1.5.3. china mobile

1.6. miscellaneous

1.6.1. BRING YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER!!!!!!, most public toiltes in china do not have toilet paper, you are generally required to bring your own.

2. Final Outcome Ideas

2.1. Create a website

2.2. Play Chinese National Anthem (The March of the Volunteers)

2.3. presentation to the rest of individuals going to China

2.4. Oral presentation (using various programs like Prezzie, Powerpoint, etc.)

2.4.1. Create Prezzie Account

3. Plan

3.1. Presentation to all of the students going to China

3.1.1. Present Booklet with all of our research

3.1.2. Teach them some of the usefull phrases that we learnt in mandarin

3.1.3. Make a alideshow consisting of pictures of the places that we are visiting to run in the background while we are presenting our booklets

3.1.4. print out 30 copies of the booklet so that we can give each student one to take home

3.2. Creative piece

3.2.1. Make a video deitaling the typical day of an australian student. We can show this video to the students in our sister school in China follow a Nikhil from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep - this will give students in China an accurate general idea of how we lead our lives here in Australia Take screenshots of the movie and post it onto our website Make a plan (annotated timeline) for the video and then scan it and post it on Google Doc's

3.3. Research

3.3.1. Find out the places that we are visiting from the China Challenge Document on Moodle.

3.3.2. Investigate some of the current issues in relation to China

3.3.3. Finout how to say numbers 1-100 in mandarin, this will be very usefull when we go to China

3.3.4. Learn how to say some useful and essential phrases in Mandarin

4. Establishing communications with students at Suzhou No. 10 High School

4.1. Questions to ask Students at Suzhou

4.1.1. Personal Where did they learn English? are you religos?, if yes, what reilgon do you believe in? do you spend time socalising with your parents? Do you have sibblings, if "no", do you want sibblings?

4.1.2. School What are you looking foward to in your trip to Australia? How does there timetable work? how much sleep do you get? whan do you wake up? whan do you go to sleep? how many hours do you spend studying? New node do you live in your school? how is your school year structured?

4.1.3. Out of school what do you do outside of school?, What extra curricular activities do you partake in? What do you do in your free time? What do you do for "fun" what are your hobbies and intrests, do most people have the same hobbies as you?

4.1.4. miscellaneous questions Is there anything that we should be aware of before we visit China and your school?

4.1.5. Home What type of food do you eat?, do you eat any form of "western dishes" at home? How disiplined are you Are there any rules of significance in your household do you have to adhere to a timetable/routine in your home what consequances to you recieve when you misbehave or when you brake the specified rules? Do your grandparents live with you?

4.2. People that may help

4.2.1. Dr Savage

4.2.2. Ms Laughlin

5. Websites That Look Usefull















6. Mindmeister KEY

6.1. People

6.1.1. Red= NIKHIL

6.1.2. Blue = Catriona

6.1.3. Green = Rachel

6.2. Icons

6.2.1. Green Flag = DONE

6.2.2. Red Flag = Not done

6.2.3. Black Flag = Not going to do

7. Creative piece

7.1. video of an typical day of an australian student