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GD Studio IV by Mind Map: GD Studio IV

1. project 2: active voice

1.1. design and action

1.1.1. principles of advertising and the PSA

1.1.2. social design and activism

1.2. designing a campaign

1.2.1. social justice, inclusion and diversity, equity

1.2.2. copywriting

1.2.3. OOH and social media / online advertising

1.2.4. identify a call to action

1.3. design and impact

1.3.1. identify intent build awareness around a particular issue or topic with intent to foster shifts in behaviors and attitudes.

1.3.2. designing for impact process identify intended impacts identify measurable outcomes measure outcomes assess impact

1.3.3. designing experiences designing artifacts versus systems of artifacts user impacts user journey social and cultural impacts (and others if applicable here: environmental, technological, economic, political impacts)

2. Project 1. Poetic Motion

2.1. design and motion

2.1.1. Implied Motion repetition layering cropping orientation

2.1.2. Literal Motion motion design elements movement sound video Narrative Convey Message & Meaning linear format versus non-linear storytelling sequence and pacing motion design process storyboards motion tests AfterEffects

2.2. principles of motion

2.2.1. rotation

2.2.2. translation

2.2.3. arcs

2.2.4. rhythm and patter

2.2.5. focal point

2.3. effects of motion

2.3.1. ease

2.3.2. squash and stretch

2.3.3. etc.

3. Professional Development

3.1. Communication Skills

3.2. Personal Website & Portfolio

3.3. Pick up a Freelance Job

4. principles of graphic design

4.1. experimentation

4.2. Systems Thinking

4.3. craft

4.3.1. form digital analog 2D, 3D, 4D

4.3.2. composition type color image space