NETS-T By Stephanie Lopez

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NETS-T By Stephanie Lopez by Mind Map: NETS-T By Stephanie Lopez

1. 5. Engage in professional growth and leadership

1.1. Joining PLN

1.1.1. Keeps you connected with the world and gives us the experience of networking online and sharing teaching experiences with others

1.2. Learning and Leading

1.2.1. Keeps individuals updated and informed about the teaching world and any changes or issues that need to be addressed

2. 4. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

2.1. Internet Safety

2.1.1. Contributes to students how to safely explore the web by setting examples and modeling the use of legal and ethical information through technology

2.2. Twitter

2.2.1. A way to explore and understand different cultures and learn to appreciate and be responsible on the web with other students modeling responsibility by using digital communication and networking

3. 1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity

3.1. Newsletter

3.1.1. Supports an organized annoucement and contributes to thinking

3.1.2. Supports craftiness

3.2. Blogger

3.2.1. Presents creativity, planning, and communicating to others that are on blogger

3.2.2. Presents collaborative knowledge construction

4. 2. Design and model digital citizenship and responsibility

4.1. iMovie

4.1.1. A digital tool for students to produce creative learning through technology

4.2. Google Spreadsheet

4.2.1. Assessments that provides multiple formates. Can create a questionaire

5. 3. Model digital age work and learning

5.1. Diigo

5.1.1. A digital tool that gives the ability to evaluate research and store websites in a bookmark also being able to connect with other users that can contribute to research topics.

5.2. Prezi

5.2.1. Organizes and presents information in a eye catching experience

5.2.2. Collaborates with students, parents, peers and the community using this tool