Internal Sales Brainstorm

Key ideas brainstorm internal sales of 17th of April

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Internal Sales Brainstorm by Mind Map: Internal Sales Brainstorm

1. Know your competition

1.1. Don't deny expensiveness

1.2. Why is the competition so cheap?

1.3. Do mistery shopping with competitors

1.3.1. How is their service?

1.3.2. Which products do they offer?

1.3.3. What pricing?

1.4. Centralized approach within Ogone

1.4.1. Use of Sharepoint as central competition watch tool

1.4.2. Tool to be maintained by Marketing

1.4.3. Tool to be fed by Sales in different countries

2. Know your arguments, know your USPs

2.1. Free to choose your acquirer

2.2. sell options competition doesn't have

2.2.1. Alias

2.2.2. Fraud Module

2.2.3. Support

2.3. Only 1 integration mode to maintain whilst accepting many payment methods

2.4. Pricing is Degressive in Germany

2.4.1. More payment methods accepted = better transaction prices

2.5. Explain merchant to do live test prior to his go live: increases the activation speed

3. Generate leads

3.1. Build up relations with your partners

3.1.1. Call and inform them

3.1.2. Just ask how they are doing

3.2. Care about leads from partners; you are representing the image of your partners

3.3. Build up connections with account managers from acquirers; see or call them

4. Act as experts

4.1. Make tailor made proposal

4.1.1. Aim higher prices in the beginning

4.2. Personalized payment page means increased conversion rate

4.2.1. Personalized payment page means increased conversion rate

4.3. Ogone collect means higher conversion rate

4.4. Profile yourself as being interested in the project and helping to generate turnover for merchant

5. Call Prospects

5.1. Define prospect's needs

5.1.1. Sell additional options

5.2. Personalized approach

5.2.1. Plan a catch up call within a week after first contact to discuss the offer

5.2.2. Explain why price is higher

5.2.3. Give service!

5.2.4. Plan follow up calls when project is moving forward

5.3. Enables to put pressure to go live

5.4. Do follow up calls

5.5. Be quick and reactive

5.6. Small merchants are lazy: call them to make sure Ogone is top of mind

5.7. Inform prospect about admin procedure and use this to put pressure to go live faster

6. Be Hands-On

6.1. Migrate test to prod asap when test is fully configured

6.2. Call the merchant when done

6.3. Put pressure by doing a role play: pretend to be from Admin to get the contract without being to "sales-pushy"

6.4. Organize better organization Sales / Admin

6.4.1. Workshop to understand who is doing what

6.4.2. Optimize work process with Admin Fill in UID when possible Activate the Merchant in test Generate the contract in Prod

6.4.3. Process per country

6.4.4. Organize monthly meeting or call with SPOC Admin / Sales to discuss issues

6.5. Keep control over each step during the activation process; be one step ahead of your prospect