A business meeting or workshop agenda template

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1. Objective

1.1. To evaluate the current account management solution and define a vision and value proposition.

1.2. Understand the essential elements of an effective account management program.

1.3. Assessment of current gaps and opportunities in developing a new customer-centric account management offer

1.4. Make decisions on priority areas of focus and next steps in adopting and expanding account managment.

1.5. Overview of the C.A.R.E. Evolution account management training program and delivery.

2. Agenda

2.1. 11:30 Team introductions

2.2. 12:00 Account management solution

2.2.1. How is account management enabled today?

2.2.2. What works well and what doesn't?

2.2.3. What is the customer value proposition for account management?

2.2.4. Define vision, mission and purpose of account management

2.3. 13:00 Structuring an effective account management program

2.3.1. Overview of essential elements of an account management program

2.3.2. Developing a compelling account management offer

2.3.3. Designing customer-centric approaches and processes

2.4. 14:00 Assessing your account management program

2.4.1. Organisational capabilities: what are the gaps?

2.4.2. Decision on priorities and commitments to next steps.

2.5. 15:00 Training design & structure

2.5.1. C.A.R.E. Account Management Training

3. Time and Place

3.1. Thursday, 16 July

3.2. 11.30am to 4.00pm

3.3. London

4. Ideas

4.1. idea 1

5. Participants

5.1. Account Manager Tips

5.1.1. Warwick Brown - Founder & Consultant

5.2. Client

6. Decisions

7. Notes

7.1. note 1

7.2. note 2

7.3. note 3