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Keyboarding by Mind Map: Keyboarding

1. Report

2. Letter

3. Memo

4. How to properly format buisness letters

5. E-mail

6. 1/19/12 GWAM: 12, errors: 8 accuracy: 77%

7. Improvement in accuracy/ speed, and keyboaring technique

8. 3/02/12 GWAM: 32, errors: 16 accuracy: 84%

9. feet placed on floor for balance, sit up straight, eyes on printed copy, wrists off the keyboard, fingers over the home key, elbows close to body.

10. used for short buisness letters and job objectives

11. communication, and getting the message to someone who dosen't live close to you

12. used for communication and formal buiness agreements

13. used in school and the business world