when in doubt-don`t

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when in doubt-don`t by Mind Map: when  in doubt-don`t

1. Health Consequences of drug addition

2. When we think about drug addiction, drugs such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis, and other illegal substances come to mind. However, there are many other substances that people can become addicted to. Every day, new drugs are developed and sold, which makes the drug abuse and addiction problem harder to control and eliminate.


4. Cocaine is used the most in Southern and Western Europe. Social users are usually wellintegrated into society and tend to inhale cocaine powder. Marginalized users are the ones who inject cocaine, smoke cocaine-based crack, and combine it with opioids. It is believed that 5.1%of European adults have tried cocaine.

5. the use of the drugs, can bring diseases as the cancer and in general health illinesses, besides this drugs con be smoked,inhaled and injected, the mothod of inject can cause an infectious diseases.

6. Social Consequences of using drug

7. One of the main risks that come with taking drugs is that they can destroy the lives of both the user and the people around them. Drug addiction can cause people to get fired from their jobs, become homeless, or commit crimes to fund their habit. Certain substances make people more aggressive and violent. This can lead to domestic abuse or getting into fights.

8. Every day different types of drugs come out, the most common are cannabis, cocaine, Ecstasy. drug abuse is more complicated than before the authorities work harder to stop it but the branch is getting bigger

9. 95 MILLONES people in the EuropeanUnion (EU) have tried illegal drugs.



12. .Opioids, it is like heroin, this drug is mede with seeds of poppy, Opioids can cause drowsiness, mental fog, nausea, and constipation in addition to being able to die with an overdose .The European Drug Report places the figure for the number of high-risk opioid users in Europe at 1.3 million. Union, and estimates that up to 84% of fatal overdoses are, at least in part, caused by opioids.

13. Fighting Drug abuse in europe

14. The drug problem in Europe is a serious one. However, some progress is being made in the fight against drug abuse in some countries. Significant funding has been provided to implement anti-drug campaigns at music festivals, concerts, and clubs in half of the European countries. Additionally, all European countries have implemented national and regional drug plans which aim to reduce the use of illegal substances. Aiming to reduce the demand for drugs across Europe, the strategy provides funding for the creation of prevention programs in EU member states. Another key objective is to make sure there are enough treatment centers available to addicts. These treatment centers aim to provide medical, rehabilitation, and mental health services to addicts in order to give them the support they need to enter recovery and improve their quality of life. Another country that has implemented successful drug policy is Portugal. 2001, drug abuse was a major problem in Portugal.

15. It is believed that 5.1%tried cocaine. 2018 alone. Some of the countries that are known for high cocaine use are the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Germany. European Drug Report observed that the use of ecstasy had decreased in the early and mid-2000s.


17. Mixing with tobacco is the most common drug in Europe: 26.3% - 14.1% FROM 15-45 YEARS