The Two Necessary Ingredients for Sustained Happiness

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The Two Necessary Ingredients for Sustained Happiness by Mind Map: The Two Necessary Ingredients for Sustained Happiness

1. The First Requirement: Serve

1.1. Put other people’s needs first.

1.2. The best salesperson starts with the mindset that the customer needs to be served.

1.3. Spend time asking me what they need and want, and then proposes solutions.

1.4. Listen

1.5. If you can’t solve the problem, recommend a competitor who is a better fit.

2. The Second Requirement: Create

2.1. We live for a period, and then when we pass, no one can tell that we even lived.

2.2. Leave something behind. Create something.

2.3. Creation allows us to give something to others that comes from deep inside of us.

2.4. Your happiness is linked to whether you are creating something that is useful to others.

2.4.1. Certain works of art inspire.

2.4.2. Families who love each other and stay together are incredible. They can bring so much joy to life.

2.4.3. A successful business can affect a community long after the founder is gone. A reputation or legacy can have the same effect.

3. The Perfect Synergy

3.1. Create something that serves others

4. What Does It Mean to Live?

4.1. There is a formula for happiness. Do these two things: (1) serve others, and (2) create something.