Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world

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Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world by Mind Map: Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world

1. GreenPeace movement

1.1. sue Kleenex for clear cut

1.2. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/

1.3. an organisation

2. China has a policy such that citizens have to bring their own plastic bag as they will be supplied. If not, they have to purchase a cloth bag on the spot for $1

3. diplomatic agreements thru international committeessuch as UN

4. 1. It's innovative: Apple is the most cutting-edge company in the world and they don't want their customers associating their brand with a 19th Century energy source that is poisoning the air and wrecking our climate. 2. It's practical: technology that uses clean and unlimited energy sources like the sun and the wind are available today at the scale required. Greenpeace is already working with Facebook to make the switch right now and we'd be happy to work with Apple. 3. It's right: These aren't evil companies. Their executives care about the world their children will inherit, just like we do. Tell Apple and other major tech companies that you want a coal-free cloud.

4.1. Kleene

5. Non govt org

5.1. New node

6. Governments

6.1. Singapore Government policy that motor vehicles must be fiited with catalytic converter to reduce pollution (environmental-friendly car)

6.2. New node

7. Inter govt org

7.1. Copenhagen Summit

7.2. http://www.environment.gov.za/enviro-info/env/intro.htm

7.2.1. different international agreements on environment that have been made

8. Tata chemicals in India invents water purifier with affordable cost

9. Corporate interests and actions naturaly harm

10. Kyoto Protocol

10.1. gained support from 55 countries to reduce carbon emmissions by 2015


11.1. Choose to buy "Green" products to minimise damage to the environment.

11.1.1. Nokia Phones Nokialeads the way on eliminating toxic chemicals, since the end of 2005 all new models of mobiles are free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and all newcomponents to be free of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from thestart of 2007. Dell has also set ambitious targets for eliminatingthese harmful substances from their products

11.2. Choose to repair damaged goods instead of buying new goods.

12. Corporations

12.1. Apple can lead the clean energy [R]evolution

12.1.1. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/climate-change/cleanourcloud/apple/

13. Pilot's green scheme to produce stationary using recycled materials and such products are usually sold at a lower price.

14. Kleenex's recycled tissue paper. :)

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