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Online Design Studio by Mind Map: Online Design Studio
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Online Design Studio

Prospecting — An X amount of prospectors getting out there (be it virtual or physical) to get new clients.

I would go with a name that doesn't screen 'Freelancers!' or 'scattered all over the place, panic!'. More like a normal company name. This will sound more professional and comfortable to the clients. Or at least, that's my take on it.

We need to have people (on staff) that know their way around the legal mumbo-jumbo. For client contracts, freelancer contracts, who's to blame when things go wrong, etc.

Head office

What exactly is it?

Local offices

Are offices necessary?

OK to include employees' former portfolios as part of the company's work? Would be able to attract clients better this way.


Who knows how to train?

Who is an acceptable employee?

Who knows how to hire?


Who secures work?




Las Vegas



Washington DC

Seoul, South Korea


The Independent Collective - yeah Hernan!

Freelancers Unity (FU) - um wat / / / / / / / / / /


Invoiced through head office



Typical portfolio, about page(s) and more. A blog to show what the group is doing (and show bits and pieces of it's advanced online system, for example) to show off how good we are :)

Support (ticketing) for both clients, as-well as Freelancers.

Forum-like platform for the Freelancers to discuss, talk, meet and befriend one another.

Sign-up system (Which only opens at certain times) for potential new freelance members.