Homesteading Oasis - Template

This is a map of areas to consider as you look at homesteading more fully.

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Homesteading Oasis - Template by Mind Map: Homesteading Oasis - Template

1. Solar - DC?AC well pump above, solar pump can be put into well above original as long as casing larger than 5"

1.1. Groundfos flex pumps

1.2. Otherwise we will need to remove Original pump, and replace with new AC/DC. $4,000 pump.

2. Defense / Readiness

2.1. Car

2.1.1. Go Bags Defense Radio Food (snacks) Map to safe places Compass flashlight Batteries first aid turnaquet sof t wide rats amazon Water

2.1.2. jumper cables

2.1.3. CB or Ham RADIO

2.2. Home

2.2.1. Cover

2.2.2. Surveillance night heads up solar bettry motion sensor lights look strong, and not easy target motion sensors dakota northern tool

2.2.3. Door entry strong locks bolster if possible

2.3. Inventory

2.3.1. Guns Rifle 5.56 Rifle Deer Rifle Pistol your inventory Shotgun

2.3.2. Ammunition Rifle Deer 5.56 Pistol 9mm Shotgun 12 20

3. Water

3.1. Source

3.1.1. City Fill up Water storage in case city water loses pressure. Monitor water quality less workers not present at facility They might over-chlorinate just in case

3.1.2. Well power If power is good, Focus on filling storage Brown out or rolling power no power Look for alternative Source of water Generator - Run the well in order to fill up water storage, then turn generator off. Solar system that can generate teh power you need to energize a DC pump - Panels, energy controller, bracket, DC wiring, DC pump solar power Hand pump on well Well Bucket

3.1.3. Rivers, Lakes, Creeks, open pond water Last resort, but doable. avoid stagnant water

3.2. filteration

3.2.1. power Home filteration system - HEATING WATER TO 212

3.2.2. No power berkey or bucket filter Just Water Filter - Bucket System (cheaper option) - Buy at NRA store - LINK Portable Water Filter Kit Official Store of the National Rifle Association link to instructions Extra filters Away From Base - Life straw, backpack style filters One per person sawyers, life straw, MSR camping filters Boil Water to 212 degrees wood, fire, boil

3.3. Collection

3.3.1. Home Roof top Gutter and pipe home depot

3.3.2. Barn or Out-building Gutters and pipe home depot or lowes

3.3.3. Gutters Will need to think about where and how to use gutters to your advantage Gutter, Pipe, plastic sheet, metal sheeting

3.4. Storage

3.4.1. Options water cans Avoid used totes with unknown use 55 gallon food barrels 300 Gallon food totes large water storage tanks Big plastic tanks

3.4.2. Light is the enemy Algea, Bacteria

3.5. Installer - Water well / water tanks, collection

3.5.1. Clay Pitts in Weatherford 817-247-2026

3.5.2. Online - Practical Prepper, Engineer 775

3.5.3. Rainwater Harvest, Willow Park list of contractors

3.6. Sharing Water with others Safely

3.6.1. Run a hose out to street

3.6.2. You still control a valve at house

3.6.3. creates a safe distance from home

4. Food

4.1. Canned

4.1.1. tools pressure canner Canner - 1 pressure keys Heating source Propane source Wood source Hand tools to process

4.1.2. Jars and Lids quart enough Pint enough

4.1.3. Skills Canning meat Fruits Vegetables receipes

4.1.4. Storage place Closets Cool dark place

4.2. Garden

4.2.1. seeds Fall Heirloom seeds Spring & Summer Heirloom Seeds

4.2.2. Compost fertilizer Built Location in yard to compost

4.2.3. Tools Hand tools inventory list and gap list Power tools Tiller chain saw Generator (dual fuel) Drill Skilsaw

4.2.4. Irrigation tubing bed and row garden drip irrigation system timers sprinkler Zone and two timers with drip irrigation faucets

4.2.5. Trees (November Buy) Fruit Peach Plum Nut pecan Buy in November

4.3. Frozen

4.3.1. Deep Freezer One freezer in Garage Solar or (Direct Current) freezers that can run on some solar panels.

4.3.2. 2 fridge freezers

4.3.3. Generator to keep frozen for short term power outage

4.4. Dry

4.4.1. Food Buckets now Worse case

4.4.2. Goods (one full 5 gallon) Rice Pinto Beans Kidney Beans Oats Wheat Lentils Quinoa Peanut Butter

4.4.3. Amount sufficiency one year worth if freezer and fresh work two months worth if no fresh or freezer food)

4.5. Storage Area

4.5.1. Closets

4.5.2. freezers

4.5.3. Under beds

4.5.4. Shelves to maximize space.

4.6. Dehydration

4.6.1. Skills Do it, and practice!!

4.6.2. Tools Dehydrator Mylar bags Moisture and oxygen packets for inside bags

4.6.3. Take Electricity and time!

4.6.4. Try Town Talk in Weatherford for food to dry.

5. Soil

5.1. Test Composition

5.2. Plan

5.3. Amendment

6. Animals

6.1. Food Producing

6.1.1. Beef Feed Round Bales Protein Minerals Reproduction Pete Water Production For Family For Community Butchering tools know how butchers are booked until mid 2021

6.1.2. Chicken Feed research how to homestead feed 1 years worth of feed Water Add automatic water cups to existing coop secure so coyotes, bobcats, and skunks wont get them Production What is is it enough for our family? new chickens

6.2. Non-Producing (Lowest priority)

6.2.1. Dogs Feed how to feed the dogs in homestead Dry food

7. Shelter

7.1. Heating

7.1.1. Propane How much for how long Propane uses quickly 1.87 per gallon can buy or rent propane tank from Santo or Texas propane, they are great Generators: mid sized generators use 23 gallons a day if run all day.

7.1.2. electric Using heat pump for home is more effecient than gas heater. More effecient to run generator and run heat pump than propane heater inside house, without carbon monoxide issue.

7.2. Cooking

7.2.1. electric

7.2.2. propane Think camping, do you have propoane for outside BBQ grill, Do you have a fittings & connection for houses propane tank if you needed that for BBQ.

7.2.3. outdoor grill where would you use it?

7.3. Attributes

7.3.1. well insulated

7.3.2. cool in summer breeze

7.3.3. Rainwater collection Gutter rainwater supply company (Jim) in willow park tanks, collection, pumps no solar

7.3.4. Storm Shelter

7.4. Entry Points

7.4.1. Gate? locked Can you see it?

7.4.2. hidden entry points that need to be addressed?

7.5. Electricity

7.5.1. Solar Little system phones batteries mobile specific systems freezer fridges AC water well pump Entire systems knowledge practical prepper engineer 775 backwoods solar in Idaho is great helpful place

8. Emergency/Medical/first aid

8.1. Home

8.1.1. Stitch Kit (Amazon) stiches practice plastic

8.1.2. Snake Response Know how stuff to fix Glen Rose is best hospital with the most venom antidote.

8.1.3. Herbs Comfry

8.1.4. Trauma Kits

8.2. Vehicles

8.2.1. Go bag for two people for two days Trauma Kits Maps Water MRE type foods Communication plans of action

8.2.2. Jumper cables

8.2.3. Well Maintenanced Address problems now

8.2.4. Safe places to go around town

9. Communication / Response Plans

9.1. Design

9.1.1. maps to get home from work, or school,

9.1.2. predetermined plan and instructions (if something happens while at work, I will find alternates home)

9.2. observation

9.2.1. FM/AM/Short wave Ham Scanner

9.3. defense positions

9.4. Response Plans

9.5. Communication

9.5.1. Ham Radio book

9.5.2. Ham Radios antenneas mobile ham Anytone AT778UV wouxon kg-8 handtalk rechargeable batteries AA AAA external large batteries HAM club in town parker county HAM club 6-7 repeaters in weatherford

9.5.3. HAM test (fairly easy, apps to practice)

10. Household Goods

10.1. paper

10.1.1. Toilet paper

10.1.2. figure out alternative

10.2. cleaning

10.2.1. Soap Body - years worth use homemade for pots, pans, and counters

10.3. hygiene

10.3.1. Girly stuff one time use Cloth reusable options

10.4. toiletries

10.4.1. toothpaste

10.4.2. shampoo

11. Fuel

11.1. Generator

11.1.1. propane 23 gallons per day

11.1.2. slow RPM Diesel 8 gallon per day

11.2. Deisel

11.2.1. can be used for truck, tractor, and generator

11.3. Gas

11.3.1. NO ethonal gas walmart has it

11.3.2. use fuel treatment to store

11.4. Propane

11.4.1. Fill up bottles Loves on highways is by gallon and is cheaper than trading in

11.4.2. home tank Santo and texas propane rent or buy They will run conduit to house Digging trenches will save you money fill em up if you have one You can buy used, refurbished They will not move one from one house to the next.