Character Map: Frodo Baggins

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Character Map: Frodo Baggins by Mind Map: Character Map: Frodo Baggins

1. Brave

1.1. Simply walked into Mordor.

1.2. knew he would most likely not make it back to his home.

1.3. Faces several forces from the land of Mordor.

2. Secretive

2.1. Often travels in woods to avoid being seen.

2.1.1. Which later saved Frodo and his friends.

2.1.2. Frodo met new friends because of this. Such as Elves. Or a man from his childhood.

2.2. Created a fake identity.

2.3. Only his close friends know of his quest.

2.3.1. Merry,Pippin,Sam, & Gandalf.

2.3.2. This proves his friends loyalty.

3. Intelligent

3.1. Navigated Middle-Earth

3.1.1. Just like his father did.

3.1.2. With the help of several allies, of course.

3.2. Often makes people who could be enemies friends.

4. Good-Natured

4.1. Likes to throw parties and have friends over.

4.2. Didn't turn evil from the ring.

4.3. Dislikes fighting.

4.3.1. Often tries to talk his way out of a fight or sneak away.

4.3.2. This has gained him several allies.

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