Footprints Without Feet

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Footprints Without Feet by Mind Map: Footprints Without Feet

1. The story is about a scientist named Griffin. He discovers some chemicals which can make a man invisible but at the same time the man can be felt and touched.

2. s u m m a r y

2.1. His landlord dislikes him. Griffin wants to take revenge on him. He swallows the drug and puts the house on fire. He takes off his clothes and runs away after being invisible.

2.2. It soon became cold and felt the need of clothes, he slips into a store, where he had a meal and a place to sleep at night.

2.3. As his money exhausted he again started stealing it from people and hit the owners of the inn when they suspected him. Lastly, he has to reveal his identity to the people, but nobody catches him as he becomes invisible

2.4. He misuses his power to steal money, clothes, and food. He found it difficult to stay in London with such power so decides to move to a small village Iping. In the village, people were sceptical about him and look at him strangely. A series of incidences happened in the inn where he stayed.

2.5. He stole money from clergy man's desk. A policeman named Jaffers was called. A strange fight took place. Griffin took off his bandages, his glasses and his hat. Now, he looked really helpless. People were horrified. Griffin hit the policeman, he got free and fled away. He escapes the police because of his ability to become invisible.

3. The lesson gives a message that misuse of science and its great discoveries can make even a brilliant scientist like Griffin a monster and a threatening lawless person.

4. One of his famous books.

5. The author of the story is Herbert George Wells.

6. The story speaks about the human's nature of dissipating their discoveries.

7. About the author- Herbert George Wells was an English writer. Prolific in many genres, he wrote dozens of novels, short stories, and works of social commentary, history, satire, biography and autobiography. His work also included two books on recreational war games.

8. Because of Griffin's misdeeds, he became a homeless wanderer without clothes and money

9. Herbert George Wells

10. His misuse of his discovery only disturbed peace and created havoc and mayhem in the society. Such scientists who make use of their inventions for avenging others, ending up being lawless people.