5a GDA Cabaret 2012

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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5a GDA Cabaret 2012 by Mind Map: 5a GDA Cabaret 2012

1. eg spinning rolling skipping running

2. improvised

2.1. Check out http://www.mindmeister.com/tools

2.2. 5a GDA

3. set movements

3.1. handshake greeting (AB, AD)

4. elements

4.1. cutting up lemons

4.1.1. something from un citron andalou?

4.1.2. You Tube citrus rage footage to inspire

4.2. kneeling in a row facing audience

4.3. s/t seasonal?

4.4. smooth train rides

4.5. free haircuts

4.6. opening difficult bags of crisps - spray

4.7. "oh. it's not the daleks"

4.7.1. and variations oh it's not christmas oh it's not crisps oh it's not lemon oh it's not the five andrews oh it's not a performance oh it's not a costume oh it's not real fur

5. methods

5.1. chinese whispers (CK)

5.1.1. describe what you are about to do. Then do s/t that is not quite what you said you'd do. Different types of descriptions: big and visceral sensations narrative the instruction/description and teh action are mediated through rules eg just mark through

5.2. formulate an interaction which is aware of the ambient environment (subtle audience interaction) nic homework?

5.2.1. eg might be run to anyone who coughs or something like that

6. costume

6.1. neoprene dresses

7. My Geistesblitzes

7.1. make an app that gives you a digest to prevent info overload