old school/new school?

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old school/new school? by Mind Map: old school/new school?

1. what kind of work should i work on?

1.1. permanant/temporary

1.1.1. flooring/surfaces/walls

1.2. inside the building or outside?

1.2.1. projections contasting the old on the new

1.3. interactive art?

1.3.1. The obliteration Yayoi Kusama room start. the obliteration room finish

2. What materials can i use? what have i like dusing so far?

2.1. knit

2.1.1. knitting in public knitting britain Covering furniture/buildings? christo?

2.2. use previous materials?

2.2.1. cheap materials which have a mass effect

2.2.2. look at what otehr artists have used on different scales of work?

2.3. remember the theme of the new building (girliconcrete?) Conrete. Contrast softer materials?

3. what would students want to see?

3.1. something practical?

3.1.1. relaxation spaces? when not working? or even when working

3.2. inpirational pieces

3.2.1. visual wall spaces/dividers?

4. look at events in manchester city/school of art which could influence my work.

4.1. role in world textile manufacture and production in the late 18th century

4.2. rebuilt itself as a leading centre of modernist architecture since the terrorist bombing of the city in 1996. (focus on the rebuilding and strength of city)

4.3. look at how manchester evolved communicate this through materials?

4.4. use the city as a pattern