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Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world. by Mind Map: Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world.
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Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world.

chemical innovation used to address societal problems around water purity

Tata Chemicals' Swach water purifier

'Selfishness' + 'unlimited want' is one of the most fundamental human nature

We all have unlimited want and will never be satisfied.

selfish human nature

Consumerism has become a culture


Profit-maximizing Cooperations are aware of the consumerist behaviour of individuals and thus make us of it as a mean to gain more and more profit. The Demand-suuply theory-- The more individuals demand fore goods, the more the the factories will produce goods for us

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kimberly's Clark shocking mismanagement of forest resources



In developing countries where bossting economic growth outweighs protecting the environment

Government often believe that environment has a long-term impact therefore they may just focus on shorter term issues such as economic growth through industrialization.

However in developed countries efforts have been made to reduce environmental degradation

developing countries also start contributing their parts in saving the environment


The sense of urgency among all levels of communities in the world is heightened for continued efforts to address the challenging issues-environment degradation