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Themes by Mind Map: Themes

1. bonded slightly more with Gretel and Maria

2. has no idea what's going on

3. him and Gretel seeing the isolation camp

4. Ignorance

4.1. Bruno

4.1.1. is most ignorant to the political situation at the times.

4.1.2. the safety hazards of a tyre swing

4.2. Lt Kotler

4.2.1. bossy and full of self importance when someone is talking.

4.3. Gretel

4.3.1. towards bruno when talking to Lt Kotler

5. Boundaries

5.1. Fence

5.1.1. protects Bruno's innocence

5.1.2. Innocence Bruno can't pronounce the official names scares easily- young and needs protection Shmuel lost his innocence- knows mostly what's going on. physical fence-separates German from jew.

5.2. goes through the same hardship as the adults

5.3. secretive- stops Bruno learning the truth

5.4. Dad's office

5.4.1. shows he's in charge

6. Family, Friendship and relationships

6.1. Bruno

6.1.1. had 4 friends at Berlin before moving to outwith

6.1.2. made friends with Schmul

6.2. Gretel

6.2.1. developed a crush on Lt Kotler

6.2.2. lost her passion for dolls

6.3. Father

6.3.1. slowly started to fall out with Mother

6.3.2. invited Hitler for tea

7. Nationalism

7.1. Fury/Hitler

7.1.1. leader of major killing country

7.1.2. believes his country is the best

7.1.3. will kill anyone not from his country.

7.2. Gretel

7.2.1. after a while in the story, finds interest in the current war and supporting the Nazis

7.3. Father

7.3.1. high rank and loyal worker for Hitler

7.3.2. helped set up and moved house near isolation camp

8. Gender Roles

8.1. Girls

8.1.1. doesn't think an awful lot about Mother

8.1.2. Gretel also self important very greedy

8.2. Boys

8.2.1. Bruno doesn't know how powerful he can be quite innocent

8.2.2. Father More focused on his work

8.2.3. Mother quite quiet independent can be selfish

8.2.4. Lt Kotler bossy to anyone doesn't show much interest into people such as Gretel and Pavel self important only hires males for job

8.2.5. Hitler in charge highest commander very non-feminist

9. Complicity

9.1. Father

9.1.1. working for the Nazis

9.1.2. killing innocent jews

9.1.3. ignoring the kids when Hitler comes for tea

9.2. Fury/Hitler

9.2.1. separating families

9.2.2. racist

10. Change

10.1. moved to outwith

10.2. Bruno made a new friend in Schmul

10.3. Gretel lost her love for dolls

11. Trust

11.1. Bruno trusted Schmul to stay

11.2. trusted Father that the children would love outwith

11.3. Bruno trusted Pavel to look after his leg

12. truth

12.1. Father

12.1.1. shock of finding out about bruno in the gas chamber

12.2. Bruno

12.2.1. the news about moving to outwith