Emotional Intelligence and Social Media

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Emotional Intelligence and Social Media by Mind Map: Emotional Intelligence and Social Media

1. Evolve strategies

2. Strategies such as using communication technology to manage the perceived sense of distance

3. Technology allows people to control the level and intensity of relationships

3.1. Text rather than phone

3.2. Telecommuting to work

3.3. online learning

3.4. Weak and strong ties

4. Most societies have rituals, structures, practices to manage interaction. Segregation of genders, age groups

5. Emotional Intelligence

5.1. A set of innate and learned skills which facilitate relationships and enable a person to negotiate more easily through all areas of life

5.1.1. People manage their interactions and are aware of their emotional limitations Self-Awareness is key Engulfed Accepting

6. Social Media

6.1. Face to face communication can be too rich

6.1.1. non-verbal dimensions can cause signal to noise ratio Hormonal teenagers in a classroom

6.1.2. Autistic people can communicate clearly with text or IM but not verbally.

6.2. Together Alone

6.2.1. Technology is shaping our lives Posthumanism social constructionism

6.2.2. mixed blessing

6.2.3. Need for emotionally intelligent use

7. KYD

7.1. Coefficient of KYD

7.1.1. People manage their distance to preserve energy Psychological Physical Emotional

7.1.2. Wind Chill factor

7.1.3. Calculus of Friendship Expansion of metals KYD varies with age, gender,life space,

8. Discussion

8.1. What EQ competencies are engaged with social media

8.1.1. Enhance emotional literacy

8.1.2. Recognize patterns KYD?

8.1.3. Apply consequential thinking FUD

8.1.4. Navigate emotions Six second pause

8.1.5. Exercise optimism always can problem-solve

8.1.6. Engage Intrinsic motivation

8.1.7. Increase empathy Appreciate others' differences

8.1.8. Pursue a noble goal Humanizing the post-human experience 24 EQ