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LigthouseDS Proper and Smart by Mind Map: LigthouseDS Proper and Smart

1. Podcast

1.1. Every month the plan is to develop and produce x new podcast videos/podcast with leaders and experts in direct sales world. Each episode will be connected to the research topic/s factor. Each podcast will be tagged to Lead self/lead team/lead leaders.

1.1.1. Paid All full versions of all podcast/videos would be available for members

1.1.2. Free A 15 min version of each podcast will be free to everyone visiting the page. Once finished they will be led to subscripiton offer to become a member Please look at xx site for inspirtations

1.1.3. Other General inspiration is Masterclass Comment box; Who would you like to see next? Under each podcast there should be a possibility to recommend a future interview target.

1.1.4. öljvsdölf

2. Learning

2.1. Leading Self

2.1.1. Workshop toolbox / PPT / Video guide

2.2. Leading teams

2.2.1. Workshop toolbox / PPT / Video guide

2.3. Leading Leaders

2.3.1. Workshop toolbox / PPT / Video guide

2.4. This is to create a guide and learning materials complementary to podcast and research. The users should have possibility to add a content for some areas (easy, template) after authorized and share with others for example in the toolbox way when you add new workshop Methods & Tools curated by Hyper Island

2.4.1. book of the month , folders with book recommendation

2.5. Community / Shared tools uploaded by member contributors

2.6. Community commenting

2.7. Community rating and ranking

2.8. Gamification

2.8.1. Earning Ratings Completion of Materials Content Contribution

2.9. Classroom

2.9.1. Users are able to create a classroom for their participants to schedule online classes

2.10. Personalisation through identified leadership style and content suggestions

2.10.1. Users can bookmark and create favourite or personalised lists of content

3. Landing page

3.1. Questionnaire to identify and adjust contact to your needs. Lead self / Lead teams / Lead leaders USER PROFILES

3.2. Navigation page / which will be changing depends on user profile. to help navigate you on LHDS platform

4. Marketing

4.1. Traffic

4.1.1. Research invitation

4.1.2. Podcast sharing

4.1.3. Social media sharings

4.1.4. Newsletter that informs about news in research/podcasts/coming soon etc

4.2. Referral program to drive traffic

4.2.1. Invite x people to do research and get a yearly subscription?

4.3. Social Media

4.4. Brand guide/style of Podcast/style of social media sharing/

4.5. Logo needs to be created

4.6. Brand name; Lighthouse DS?

4.7. Designer

4.7.1. Logo design

5. Sales

5.1. We will divide the content into 1)free content (podcast/research/learning content 2)Subscription divided into 1 or two levels - to be decided once we see the full content

5.1.1. Subscription concept Monthly or yearly? Fee? Monthly for higher price, Yearly with 15% discount compare monthly payment Annual Subscription works out 2 months for free First month for free? Run 2 for 1 offers

6. Finance and Legal

6.1. Finance

6.2. Legal

7. Book

7.1. BOOK: A scientific research of thousands MLM/DS leaders around the world and interviews with top 20 DS/MLM regarding success factors "S-factors" of top leaders. Quest to find and answer for questions" What is the differentiation factor of top leaders vs standard leaders. What makes them to be become most successful in the world (what motivates, drive them, What skill they have, is this something they born with or learn during their life etc.). What we can learn from them.

8. Research

8.1. Once per quarter we will build a research package on a specific topic. The aim is to build traffic to do the research in all targeted countries and in all targeted companies

8.1.1. Targeted countries Priority 1; Spanish speaking countries/English speaking countries/ Poland/Russia/India (due to our connections and network) Priority 2;

8.1.2. Targeted companies Oriflame, Young living, Avon, Natura, Amway, Vorwerk, Mary Kay, Nu Skin, Herbalife, Tupperware, Juice Plus,

8.1.3. Leadership compass; A way for you to compare yourself to different benchmarks such as; Benchmark: world / country / Team / Companies. The scale will be build up on 5 Sfactors Paid To be defined how we can divide what is free and what is paid for Free To be defined how we can divide what is free and what is paid for You should be able to run a research among your group if you are leader. You invite your team to make an assessment and you can see their results.

8.1.4. Features on the www. research part Introduction to why and how. Text/Video to describe the research engine? Invitation to the research - link - invite my collegue - easy to post data protection and how it works either here or on some about curtain

8.1.5. Other Database needs to be minimum 200 to be statistical relevant(200 for country, 200 for each company)

8.1.6. Idea concept

9. Community

9.1. Member contributors

9.1.1. Upload tools Members can comment on posts Members can like posts Members can create a following

9.1.2. Upload top tips / best practices posts Members can comment on posts Members can like posts top ranked posts are visible first Members can create a following

9.2. Follow and connect with other members

9.3. Members can view and search by top ranked posts vs. latest posts

9.4. Regular features of top contributors

10. Data Tracking and Reporting

10.1. Identify new research topics

10.2. Identify training and learning gaps and trends

10.3. Improve algorithms and meta-data to make more accurate user recommendations