Google Teacher Academy Reboot

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Google Teacher Academy Reboot by Mind Map: Google Teacher Academy Reboot

1. LMS/e-portfolio

1.1. What structures are available?

2. Google Drive

2.1. New Tools integration

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Commenting across doc types

2.3. Ctrl click to add docs to multiple folders

2.4. Content within docs are searchable - Ability to search within files

2.5. Content is searchable using Google Goggles - i.e.: Content with no metadata (pictures)

2.6. OCR input - editable scanned docs/image recognition

2.7. 100% personal ownership - Not owned by Google - Google maintains royalty free rights to all content in order to be able to legally share your content

3. Docs

3.1. Google Books integration for citation

3.2. Contextual Spell Checking

3.3. Synonym search in Spreadsheet

3.4. App scripts templates

3.5. Customized turn by turn direction/mail merge demonstrated. Pretty slick

4. Breakout Sessions

5. E-Discovery (Google Apps Vault) Replacinmg Postini

5.1. All interaction within apps will be searchable ie: email exchanges, file sharing, etc

5.2. GChat archiving

6. Social (Google +)

6.1. Recording feature

6.2. Google in Education G+ site

7. Contacts

8. Redifining Productivity apps

8.1. Drive integration

8.2. Discussion in Docs - better work flow

8.3. Better import features

8.4. New Presentation Editor - PUNCH

8.5. Multi-Tab/Multiformat doc editing

8.6. Sites/Docs integration (Published docs/collections will automatically be published to a site or added to an existing site

8.7. Sites Stylesheets

8.8. Mobile Drive

8.9. Google Resource Window for research (George Washington example

8.10. The browser will be the enterprise desktop

8.11. The world we have created today, as a result of our... Einstein

9. YouTube Edu

9.1. Link

9.2. 3 Billion views

9.3. 3 Verticals : k-12, Hi Ed, Lifelong (TED)

9.4. YouTube for Schools

9.5. No comments/no related videos

9.6. Partner channel opportunities

9.7. Central Playlists (whitelists)

9.8. Classroom playlists aligned to CC

9.9. Currated by CUE

9.10. TED-ED

9.11. YouTube Teacher channel

10. New node

11. Facilitating teaching Apps online

11.1. What's your LMS?

11.2. Moodle/Blackboard/Haiku/

11.3. New node