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Keyboarding by Mind Map: Keyboarding

1. Properly formatted documents

1.1. Memos

1.1.1. Uses of Memos

1.1.2. examples

1.1.3. Format Margins Heading Body Reference Initials Attchments

1.2. E-Mail

1.2.1. Uses of E-mails

1.2.2. Examples

1.2.3. Format Heading Body

1.3. Reports

1.3.1. Uses of a Report

1.3.2. Examples

1.3.3. Format Margins Internal Spacing Page Numbers Within text Citations Reference list

1.4. Letters

1.4.1. Uses of Letters

1.4.2. Examples

1.4.3. Format Margins Parts of a business letter Return address Date Letter address Salutation complimentary close name of the writer.

2. Propper reach teqnique shown through micro type

2.1. Best GWAM

2.2. Improvement

2.3. Proper type teqnique