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Juno by Mind Map: Juno
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People aren't as they seem- we judge them at the first chance we get even if they are completely different to what they appear.

scene with dad and juno- 1hr 17minutes

jock guy with juno and popular girl likes teachers stereotypes at school- 12 minutes

seems like a bitchy step mum but she stands for juno- 40 minutes through the movie

Mac MacGuff (Juno's father) says 'i thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when' when Juno tells the she's pregnant

Leah liking older men, when she's supposed to be interested in jocks. Also on her bedroom wall are heaps of photos of older men which she likes, including Prince Charles looking old.

How characters develop and change: their decisions, motivations, what influences them. By Issy Di Nello

Vanessa: Vanessa has the perfect life, except for one thing. She feels like she is missing the chance to be a mother. She has read all the books, taken every course and feels completely prepared. When Vanessa first meets Juno, she is skeptical that she will get cold feet, as previous surrogates have. This is evident, as she gets her husband to check on Juno when she goes to the bathroom. When Vanessa discovers that Mark isn’t ready to become a father and wants to divorce, she feels cheated as her perfect life begins to crumble apart. She almost turns her back on Juno and the baby, but when she receives a letter from Juno saying ‘I’m still in if you’re in’, she changes her mind. Nothing is more important to Vanessa than being a good mother.

Juno: Juno comes across is a confident quirky girl who believes in herself. This is evident, as it was her idea to get together with Bleaker. When Juno first finds out she’s pregnant, she tells Bleaker very casually trying not to make it a very big deal, by saying she’ll ‘just nip it in the bud while it’s still early’. She is convinced that she’ll get an abortion, but changers her mind when she remembers her conversation with Su-Chin outside the abortion center. She tells Juno about her fetus having a heartbeat and nails. Juno finally decides to keep the fetus, meaning she will have to tell everyone, including her family. Juno feels overwhelmed and that she is expected to act more like an adult, now that she is looking after not only herself, but a fetus.

Mark: When we first meet Mark and Vanessa, they seem like the perfect couple; successful, big house and in love. When Juno and Mark spend more and more time together, Mark begins to change. At first he is embarrass when he shows Juno his guitar and when she makes fun of his taste in music. As this relationship progresses we notice that Mark begins to dress more like Juno, wearing more casual clothes, which contrasts to Vanessa’s white pearls and camera sweaters. This is because he is interested in the idea of becoming a teenager again, hence wanting to leave Vanessa and not feeling ready to become a father.

Relationships that develop between characters and outcomes of these relationships. - Alex Steel

Vanessa and Mark

There are many relationships developing throughout the film and these relationships directly impact upon the storyline or plot of the movie.

Key moments/events that shaped the narrative. Holly

Juno becomes pregnant

Juno tells her parents

Visits the abortion place 'women now'

Finds adoptive parents for her baby

Mark and Vanessa divorce

Filmic or production elements which add to our understanding of the things above.

A production technique includes the start of the film, where Juno is seen walking and drinking SunnyD, in a cartoon/collage like animation. This reflects the quirkiness of Juno and how she appears different from everyone else.