responsiblities of government departments

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responsiblities of government departments by Mind Map: responsiblities of government departments

1. Nick Herbert (crime and security minister),Nick Herbert- he is in charge of the west Yorkshire police service and his responsibilities are to make sure that all his officers are fully trained in there different job roles and to try and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. This will be done as he will map out key areas that are worst affected and will then pass that planning down to a senior officer who will then have to work out how to deal with it. Not only does he have to prevent crime he also has to help stop terrorism like his colleague Theresa May, this is to stop events happening like the 7/7 bombings

1.1. west yorkshire police,the west yorkshire police are a force not be reloned with, this is bacuse they have experts in each deparment and can solve a range of crimes from small anti social behavouir problemsto full blown murders

1.1.1. WYPA, the WYPA are an organisation and the key statutory duty for a police authority is to secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police force in its area and hold the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of policing services her majesty's inspectorate of constabulary ipcc, independant police complaints commission. this is an organisation where if the police officers feel they are being bullied in any way then can come to the ipcc and can speak in confidence about there issues at the work place.

2. Theresa May (Home Secretary), she sets national policing plan, every 3 years which is pay and policing plan. The Home Office has a broad range of responsibilities – defending the country against terrorism, securing our borders and controlling immigration, and enabling the police and local communities to step up the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour. “My absolute priority, as Home Secretary, is to protect the public. In all we do, however, we must also be mindful of economic reality. Britain's public finances are the worst of any major economy. But the government is committed to taking action to tackle the country's deficit. We will ensure we get the best value for money for the taxpayer and reflect the government's commitment to devolving decisions, funding and accountability, and intervening less”.

3. damian green (border and emigration minister),- he is in charge of the UK Border Force and his responsibilities are to stop terrorism and also to stop illegal immigrants coming to work and stay, this is big issue as now there is a war on in Iraq people are trying to get across the border for safety.

3.1. Home offic, UK border agency

4. prime minister ,Prime minister- he chooses who he wants in his cabinet, his right hand men. He chooses his experts who we would like to run the forces e.g. Police and NHS.

4.1. Ken Clarke (Justice Minister),- he is in charge of the HM Prison Service and there are 69,000 workers, who work for him. His responsibilities are to make sure the prisons are run smoothly that there is no anti- social behaviour and there is no way that the prisoners can hurt themselves, he has got to check health and safety throughout the year.

4.1.1. crispin blunt , he is under Ken Clarke and has the say over what happens in the Prisons, other responsibilities are dealing with the prison and the probation, also youth justice this is if a youth has caused anti- social behaviour he will put together what happens to them and how it will affect them. He is also in charge of the criminal law and sentencing policy, this is a policy that if you commit a crime how long you will go down for (go to prison for). Hm prison service, this is where all the criminals are kept, they will serve there sentence in her majesties prison her majesty's inspectate of prisons national probation service, this is a service in where all the prisoners that are free to come out and come back into society then they may go on the probation service to monitor there behavouir. her majesty's inspectate of probation

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