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Organizational Behavior by Mind Map: Organizational Behavior
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Organizational Behavior


Levels of Analysis

5. Questions for Articles:

1. Argument

What was the author arguing (hypothesis) and, if empirical, was the argument supported?

2. Implications

What are the implications for practice and research?

3. Related constructs and their impact.

What other OB constructs are related, are impacted by, or have impact on this construct?

ASA Model: Over time organizations are defined by the persons in them as an outcome of the attraction-selection-attrition cycle. (Schneider 1987)

over time organizaions become homogenous with regard to the kinds of people in them (Schneider et all 1995)

founders and top management have long-term effects on organizations through this cycle (Schneider et all 1995)

1. List all things that need to be listed:

1. Worse List (Too Long)

õDefine all the constructs õList things that need to be listed (too long) õPhysical taint: ôOccupations directly associated with garbage, death etc (e.g. butcher) ôOccupations thought to be performed under noxious/dangerous conditions (e.g. miner) õSocial taint: ôOccupation with regular contact with people/groups that are themselves stigmatized (e.g. AIDS worker) ôOccupation in which workers appear to serve others (e.g. butler) õMoral taint: ôOccupation regarded as sinful or dubious in virtue (e.g. psychic) ôOccupation where worker is thought to employ methods that are deceptive, intrusive, confrontational or that otherwise defy norms of civility (e.g. bill collector)

2. Better List

õList things that need to be listed (better) ôPhysical taint: ógarbage, death etc (e.g. butcher) ónoxious/dangerous conditions (e.g. miner) ôSocial taint: óRegular contact w/stigmatized ppl/grps (AIDS worker) óAppear to serve others (e.g. butler) ôMoral taint: óregarded as sinful/dubious in virtue (e.g. psychic) óthought to employ deceptive, intrusive, confrontational methods or defy norms of civility (e.g. bill collector)

Josh's Studies Wk 1 & 2





Midterm Review

1. Exam Overview

1:00-3:45 Tuesday, 4/2/13 in ACB126Notes: 5 pagesBoth sidesNormal letter size paper“Original” work – no sharing/“no” copy & paste Bring a flash drive to save as you goNo books, no articles3 short questions (20-30 mins each)1 case study (about 1 hour)Email answers and save when done

2. Tips on Prep:

Answering Questions

Overview of the Course Thus Far

Questions from Slides