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ELM by Mind Map: ELM

1. Before

1.1. Presenters

1.1.1. Upload files on campuswire: - By 9/11: - Poster Lightning Talk videos - Poster file or slides - By day before talk: talk slides

1.1.2. Posters: Try out Live Sessions on campuswire any time

1.1.3. Talk presenters: Test sessions on Zoom (we'll email you for scheduling)

1.2. Participants

1.2.1. Sign up for Pop-up Mentoring

1.2.2. Plan auxiliary / social events on campuswire as desired

1.2.3. Download and install the Zoom app (if you don't have it)

1.2.4. Explore the program

2. Synchronous: During ELM 9/16-18, 2020

2.1. Attend talks (See program)

2.1.1. Zoom Webinar Sessions

2.1.2. Join via posted links

2.2. Interact (On campuswire)

2.2.1. Live Poster Sessions: 'Live Sessions' on campuwire (Daily 1-2:30pm EST)

2.2.2. Pop up mentoring and other auxiliary or social events

2.2.3. Chatrooms, Discussion Board, & Direct Messages

3. Asynchronous: Any time! (Before, During & After)

3.1. Register (ASAP)

3.2. Join campuswire group (ASAP; via invitation link we email you)

3.3. Explore content (Links posted as they become available)

3.3.1. Abstracts (Already available)

3.3.2. Poster Lightning Talk Videos& Poster files or slides (all available by 9/12)

3.3.3. Talk Slides (by day before talk)

3.4. Interact (On campuswire)

3.4.1. Join Presentation Chatroms on campuswire for discussions with authors

3.4.2. Post questions & announcements on discussion board (campuswire Group Feed)

3.4.3. Direct message with any other participants