Development of Math Skills by Justin Schmidt

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Development of Math Skills by Justin Schmidt by Mind Map: Development of Math Skills by Justin Schmidt

1. Kindergarten

1.1. Classification: color, size, shape

1.2. Counting 0-5

1.3. Ordinal Numbers: first, second, third

1.4. Money: value of penny; identifying nickle and dime

1.5. Writing Numerals: 1-10

2. First Grade

2.1. Numeration: Numbers and values 1-10

2.2. Addition Properties: Commutative; Zero Property

2.3. Ordinal Numbers: first to fifth

2.4. Money:subtracting prices

2.5. Counting and writing 10s and 1s;identifying numbers 10-90

3. Second Grade

3.1. Place Value:grouping 10s and 1s, order to 100

3.2. Multiple facts: multiples of 2,3,4,5

3.3. Order of numbers to 1000; 100 more or less

3.4. Measurement: linear nearest inch; area square inch; temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit

4. Third Grade

4.1. Rounding to the nearest 10 or 100

4.2. Adding multdigit + multidigit

4.3. Division with remainders

4.4. Equivalent Fractions

4.5. Story Problems using addition and subtraction

5. Fourth Grade

5.1. Reducing fractions

5.2. Multiplication as a check for division

5.3. Changing fractions to mixed numbers

5.4. Numbers to millions

5.5. Story Problems: Using add, sub., mult, and division

5.6. zero as a divisor

6. Fifth Grade

6.1. numbers to billions

6.2. rounding to the nearest millions and billions

6.3. Least common multiples

6.4. Decimals to thousandths

6.5. Multiplying and Dividing dedimals

6.6. Multiplication and division of fractions

7. Sixth Grade

7.1. Exponents

7.2. Converting dollars and cents, multiplying dollars

7.3. Prime factorization

7.4. Rounding divisors

7.5. Story problems using percents

7.6. Estimating time, volume, weight,