Educational Innovation

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Educational Innovation by Mind Map: Educational Innovation

1. "Educational Innovation, Hybrid by Design and Learner Passport (Students and Adults)"

1.1. Digital learner passports

1.2. Arts portfolios / process journals

2. Potential

2.1. Due to what we have 'learned' from the remote learning Covid experience

2.2. VR headsets

2.2.1. New set of 6 Oculus Quest headsets To be used in Language B for immersive visits of countries where target languages are spoken (e.g. Spanish with National geographic resource)

2.2.2. Stephane → discussed the case study of visiting Notre Dame with Sandrine Shaw's classroom. This can easily be repeated this year with both course teachers in that course (FrA yr9)

2.2.3. Covid issues due to sharing of a resource

2.3. Music


2.3.2. soundtrap

2.3.3. Incredibox, etc.

3. What is 'educational innovation'?

3.1. It's not technology based - but enabling technologies are useful?

3.2. "a new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method"

3.3. Trialing previously unused (or underused) approaches/resources with the aim of enhancing teaching and learning and then reviewing the success.

4. Ways forward?

4.1. Sustainable progress

4.1.1. Using what we already have...

4.2. Should each dept have an 'innovation' project that they can identify for a given year?

4.3. using innovative resources might mean taking risks - teachers can model being risk takers

4.4. Spreading the innovation

4.4.1. Step one → trying something new

4.4.2. Step two → spreading the knowledge to a single colleague

4.5. Kahoot

4.5.1. Is not innovation

4.5.2. the innovation is taking it further or using it as a school more efficiently

4.6. Spreading the innovation

4.6.1. How do we create a climate of curiosity?

4.7. micro-innovations

4.8. Expectations

4.8.1. Keep up to date with developments and current research

4.8.2. Share thier knowledge and exchange ideas with colleagues

4.8.3. Continue their training, as reasonably required, to improve their skills and knowledge