Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship

1. Alert

1.1. Digital Security and Privacy

1.1.1. precautions that should be taken to guarantee safety in the digital world need to understand and know how to prevent viruses, worms, and other bots

1.2. Digital Commerce

1.2.1. the buying and selling of goods in the digital world

1.2.2. focuses on the tools and precautions necessary to protect both the sellers and buyers applicable to buying, selling, online banking, and really any website that requires a payment

2. Informed

2.1. Digital Fluency

2.1.1. understanding how technology works and how to use it students who are well educated on this well make better/more responsible decisions in regards to the digital world

3. Inclusive

3.1. Digital Communication

3.1.1. the exchange of information through technology need to articulate thoughts and feelings well in order to get them across since the person receiving the message does not have any verbal or facial cues to go off of

3.2. Digital Etiquitte

3.2.1. standards of conduct that technology users should follow when online and communicating with others is often part of classroom rules that are gone over at the beginning of the year

4. Engaged

4.1. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

4.1.1. freedoms and requirements that all technology users have students need to understand that when they are provided with the opportunity of digital learning they need to be diligent if any issues or mistakes occur

4.2. Digital Law

4.2.1. the responsibility for actions and deeds that relate to the creation of rules and policies that address problems/issues with the digital world provides support for those dealing with cyber bullying, sexting, and any other issues in the digital world

5. Balanced

5.1. Digital Access

5.1.1. equitable availability of technology and other online resources teachers/educators must be aware of those who do/do not have access

5.2. Digital Wellness

5.2.1. refers to one's physical and mental well-being while using technology there needs to be a healthy balance between screen time and normal lecturing