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1-15-21 by Mind Map: 1-15-21

1. Japan

1.1. The dense population of Tokyo

1.2. Shibouya Crossing Live Camera

1.3. Tokyo Olympics

1.3.1. July 2021

2. Corona Virus

2.1. "Vaccinating the way out of the crisis"

2.1.1. Most of the country of Israel has been vaccinated - hospitals are overflowing

2.2. January 26th: Overseas travelers must prove they have a negative test 3 days prior to travel.

3. Quizlet Quiz & ReadWorks

3.1. Presidential Debate Quizlet

3.2. Group #1

3.2.1. Citizenship Test Quizlet Matching Function Sample Written Test- U.S.A. Citizenship Test (100 Civics Questions) from uscis.gov | Quizlet Answer Page 1 Answer Page 2

3.2.2. Quizlet on Astronomy

3.2.3. Quizlet on President of the United States

3.2.4. Mars Quizlet

3.2.5. Retailers Quizlet Brick and Mortar vs. Online

3.2.6. Disabilities Quizlet Creative Growth - Art in Oakland, CA

3.2.7. STD Quizlet

3.2.8. Extinction Quizlet

3.2.9. Recycling

3.2.10. Paycheck Quizlet

3.2.11. GED Study History & Government Science

3.2.12. NBA Trivia

3.2.13. NASA Quizlet

3.2.14. Black Panthers Quizlet

3.2.15. Airline History Quizlet

3.2.16. World War II Quizlet

3.2.17. Black Panther Quizlet

3.2.18. Cryptocurrency Quizlet

3.2.19. Law School Entrance Exam Questions (LSAT)

3.2.20. Asia Quizlet

3.2.21. Famous Artists Quizlet

3.2.22. Economics & the Economy

3.2.23. Natural Disasters

3.2.24. Sharks

3.2.25. Stock Market Quizlet

3.2.26. Erosion

3.2.27. Daylight Savings Time

3.3. Group #2

3.3.1. Buying a Car

3.3.2. Air Pollution

3.3.3. Olympic History

3.3.4. Weather

3.3.5. Cold War

3.3.6. Habitat

3.3.7. Global Warming

3.3.8. Creating a Budget

3.3.9. Middle East

3.3.10. Australia

3.3.11. Board Games

3.3.12. Black Friday

3.3.13. Ecology

3.3.14. Legal Terms

3.3.15. Pearl Harbor

3.3.16. Weather Quizlet

3.3.17. Volcanoes

3.3.18. Earth, Moon & Sun

3.3.19. Oceans

3.3.20. Space Debris

3.4. Group #3

3.4.1. Tornadoes

3.4.2. Impeachment

3.4.3. Ancient Greece

3.4.4. NASA

3.4.5. Space Travel

3.4.6. Renewable Energy

3.4.7. Oscar Awards

3.4.8. Artificial Intelligence

3.4.9. India Quizlet

3.4.10. Italy Quizlet

3.4.11. Federal Reserve Bank

3.4.12. Communicable Diseases Inspired by the Coronavirus - Spring 2020

3.4.13. Jackie Robinson

3.4.14. Dairy Farming

3.5. ReadWorks

4. Spelling List: Monday & Friday's

4.1. September

4.1.1. 9-8-20 language maneuver misbehaved murmur soft noise, mumble nervous oasis an area of water in the middle of the desert occasion example of special occasions wedding birthday graduation pamphlet parallel Two or more lines never crossing principle Belief Do not steal psychology psychiatry Both talk to you One prescribes drugs Adderal Trazedone Seroquil

4.1.2. 9-14-20 substitute superintendent supervisor supposedly threatening tolerate tongue tournament tragedy traitor transferred transferring transmitted

4.1.3. 9-21-20 List #1 colonel confiscate confiscation conscious consequence considerable contagious controversy continuous correlation council Alternative List against agree airport alarm alive alright alley alphabet although always

4.1.4. 9-28-20 First List imaginary immediately immobilize impossibility inconvenient incredible individual infamous influence informant inhabit inherit Alternative List choice choose chore chose circle cities clothing coast coin comb

4.2. October

4.2.1. 10-5-20 apology - 'apostrophe - appendix applicant - approximate - archeology architect - arrangement - asphalt *asterisk - asthma - awkward Alternative List continued country course crystal current curtain daughter daytime decided decimal

4.2.2. 10-12-20 reddest reprimand resigned restaurant rotten sandwich scarcity scenery secretary securing significance simile Color Colour Alternative List exact except expect explain explode express factory fault favorite finally

4.2.3. 10-19-20 List 1 unique universal unpredictable unsanitary utopia vaccinate vacillate venom vertigo Alternative List interesting inventor island jewel journey jungle knives known language laughter length limb located lumber major

4.2.4. 10-26-20 List 1 procrastinate propeller prosperous protein pseudonym psychiatrist questionnaire radioactive rampage recurrent rehearsal relevant List 2 gossiping gradual graffiti grammar grievance guarantee harass havoc heroic hesitate horrify hospital humid humility hygiene identical

4.3. November

4.3.1. 11-2-20 environment episode erosion eruption evident exchange executive exhibit expensive extinct extinguish extraordinary

4.3.2. 11-9-20 ancestor anniversary appreciate artificial assistance association athlete atmosphere attendance authority bacteria bagel baggage benefited benefiting bicycle

4.3.3. 11-16-20 underneath unite vacuum vain variety vary vault vegetable vein violence visible vision

4.3.4. 11-23-20 conductor confetti congratulations consequently controlling cringe culminate culprit deceive delayed democracy deodorant

4.3.5. 11-30-20 unnecessary valuable various vehicle version vertical victim vigorously violation visualize volcano voyage

4.4. December

4.4.1. 12-7-19 List A drudgery elicit elimination embroidery equinox escapade espionage etiquette exaggeration exemplary expediency expedient List B faucet fierce fireproof following forgetting forgiveness fossil freight frighten fuel further gallon

4.4.2. 12-14-19 List A legibly liquidation management maneuver media mileage miniature misbehaved morale mortgage movement murmur List B canyon capable capacity caution ceiling champion choir cleanse combination comfortable community complain Jake Yacht

4.4.3. 12-21-20 equilibrium erroneous escalator excessive existence extremity extricate façade fashionable

4.5. January

4.5.1. 1-4-21 List A panic panicked panicky parallel paralysis paralyze penicillin pedestrian phantom pheasant phrase politely List B delicious desert dessert details determine dictionary difference different difficult direction disappoint division eighth election elements

4.5.2. 1-11-21 interruption introduction involvement irate irresistible jealousy judgment juvenile kettle knitting laboratory language Eva Longoria Ann Marie Singer

4.5.3. 1-18-21 spacious specific stationary stationery statistics subscription substitute superintendent supervisor supposedly threatening tolerate

4.5.4. 1-25-21 considerable contagious controversy continuous correlation council counsel criticism criticize

4.6. February

4.6.1. 2-1-21 dilemma disbursement discernible discrepancy dominance embargo endeavor envious epidemic

4.6.2. 2-8-21 fiasco fibrous fiery flamboyant forgery frivolous frostbitten glamorous gorgeous

4.6.3. 2-15-21 equilibrium erroneous escalator excessive existence extremity extricate façade fashionable

4.6.4. 2-22-21 grotesque gymnasium haphazard hazardous headquarters honorary horrific hospitality incidentally

4.7. March

4.7.1. 3-1-21 inconvenience indulgence inept inevitable innumerable insistent insufficient integrity intermittent

4.7.2. 3-8-21 internally interrogate jewelry legitimate leisure lieutenant longevity lucrative lunar

4.7.3. 3-15-21 luncheon luxurious malady malicious malignant melodious mercenary mesmerize meteor

4.7.4. 3-22-21 meticulous metropolitan minimize miscellaneous mischievous misdemeanor necessity negligence neutral

4.8. April

4.8.1. 4-5-21 newsstand nostalgia noticeable obesity obscure obsolete obstinate occurred ominous

4.8.2. 4-12-21 optimism optimistic outrageous pageant parachute paralysis parliament penitentiary perceive

4.8.3. 4-19-21 permeate perseverance personality personification persuade phenomenon plaintiff pneumonia politician

4.8.4. 4-26-21 potential precipice precocious predecessor preferably prestigious procrastinate propeller prosperous

4.9. May

4.9.1. 5-3-21 protein pseudonym psychiatrist questionnaire radioactive rampage recurrent rehearsal relevant

4.9.2. 5-10-21 religious roommate sacrifice sacrificial sanctuary scandalized schedule scheme schism

4.9.3. 5-17-21 scholar semester serviceable shrine shuddering sieve snobbery solitary sophomore

4.9.4. 5-24-21 studious subtlety suburban surmise susceptible suspicious taboo technically technology

4.9.5. 5-31-21 tyranny unacceptable unconscious undernourished unduly unenforceable unique universal unpredictable

4.10. June

4.10.1. 6-7-21 unsanitary utopia vaccinate vacillate venom vertigo vessel vigilant villain

4.10.2. 6-14-21 vitamin vivacious vocalize voracious voucher vulnerable withhold

4.10.3. 6-21-21 accommodate abstain accumulate accustomed acoustics acquaintance acquisition acquittal adolescence

4.10.4. 6-28-21 adolescent advantageous aerial amateur amnesty anecdote annoyance anonymous antecedent

4.11. July

4.11.1. 7-5-21 antidote antiseptic anxious apology apostrophe appendixes applicant approximate archeology

4.11.2. 7-12-21 architect arrangement asphalt asterisk asthma awkward bachelor bankruptcy barometer

4.11.3. 7-19-21 belligerent berserk besieged biannual bimonthly biographical brilliance budge burglary

4.11.4. 7-26-21 cameos capably caricature catastrophe chameleon chandelier characteristic chauffeur chrysanthemum

4.12. August

4.12.1. 8-2-21 considerable contagious controversy continuous correlation council counsel criticism criticize

4.12.2. 8-9-21 critique crypt cylinder deficiency desirable desolate deterrent diagnosis dialogue

4.12.3. 8-16-21 dilemma disbursement discernible discrepancy dominance embargo endeavor envious epidemic

4.12.4. 8-23-21 circumference collaborate collateral colleague colonel confiscate confiscation conscious consequence

4.12.5. 8-30-21 critique crypt cylinder deficiency desirable desolate deterrent diagnosis dialogue

5. Impeachment

5.1. Quote of the Day

5.1.1. Quote Goals usually aren't accomplished all at once, it usually happens in pieces. Chunks Progression marshmellow test Immediate Gratification is: Being able to resist temptation 50 year study

5.1.2. Notable Quotes Archived It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. Jillian Michaels "Nothing ever good happens after midnight" Mike's Mom The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get back up. We may not be able to get up right away. You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined. If my parents value education, then I will too. Vice Versa Muhammed Ali Muhammed Ali “Have a dream, use your imagination, overcome your fear, and then the real secret to the whole thing: You have to act,” Fred Baldwin, Photographer "You gotta work to get stuff" Rick Steves Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. Vince Lombardi "Planting seeds" When we are young “Money won't buy you happiness, but it'll pay for the search.” Musician Prince

5.2. Impeachment Addresses Misconduct

5.2.1. Charge of impeachment from last Wednesday's event

5.2.2. "If you don't fight, you're not going to have a country anymore" Donald Trump Taking this literally Taking this figuratively

5.2.3. Senate decides to convict and remove from office Requires 67 Senators out of 100 Historically Andrew Johnson Bill Clinton Donald Trump Richard Nixon

6. Word Prompts, Math Drills, Visual Math & Fill In

6.1. Word Prompts

6.2. Human Body

6.2.1. Human Skeleton

6.3. Math Drills

6.3.1. Multiplication Facts Blank Answer Key - Multiplication Facts

6.3.2. CBM Math Answer Sheet Answer Sheet Page 3

6.4. Reading

6.4.1. CBM Worksheets Timing for One Minute

6.5. Word Prompts

6.6. Visual & Audible Math

6.6.1. 2 x 7 + 12 - 6 + 14 = 34

6.6.2. 8 x 5 + 13 - 12 x 2 = 82

6.6.3. 12 x 3 - 5 x 1 + 20 x 2 = 102

6.7. WildEarth Live Feed from Kruger National Park, South Africa

7. TED Ed Videos, Great Big Story, OverSimplified, ASAP Science, VSauce & DK Topic

7.1. Key Terms

7.1.1. Scapegoat

7.2. ASAP Science

7.3. Ted Ed

7.3.1. Ted Ed on Sleep Student 1 4-5 hours Student 2 1 hour Student 3 12-14 hours Student 4 8 hours Student 5 6 hours Student 6 6-8 hours Mike's Friend Bed - 10:30 or 11:00 Get up at 1:30 am On Fridays, typically would not sleep 10.5 hours of sleep per week Super Intense Sleep

7.3.2. Pyramid Schemes Bernie Madoff

7.4. Youtube OverSimplified

7.5. Great Big Story

7.6. VSauce on Youtube

7.6.1. The Placebo Effect

7.7. Matthew Santoro

7.8. WildEarth Live Feed from Kruger National Park, South Africa

8. Career of the Day

8.1. Bricklayer

8.1.1. Becoming a bricklayer

8.2. House Framer

8.2.1. Job Talks - House Framer - James Explains How he Came to Run his Own Business What do they do? Creating an outline of the house in wood What kind of training? Training on the job How much can a framer earn? Starting pay Supervisor Self Employed

8.3. Welder

8.3.1. Why You Should Become a Welder What do they do? What kind of training? How much can a framer earn? Further information

8.4. Accountant

8.4.1. Accountant

8.4.2. Keep track of numbers

8.4.3. Forecast profit, costs etc Develop Budgets City of Minneapolis Budget As of December 2020, Minneapolis is approximately $200 - $250 million dollars in the hole.

8.5. Electrician

8.5.1. Electrician

8.5.2. Training On the job Apprentice Trade School Hourly Wage $

8.6. Plumber

8.6.1. Plumber

8.6.2. Training On the job Apprentice Trade School Hourly Wage $

8.7. Carpenter

8.7.1. Becoming a Carpenter

8.7.2. Student Daily Wage Example $600 per day Learning onsite

8.8. Sheet Metal Worker

8.8.1. Becoming a Sheet Metal Worker

8.9. Dry Wall / Sheet Rocker

8.9.1. Becoming a Dry Wall / Sheet Rocker

8.9.2. Adhering gypsum board

8.9.3. adhere to the wall

8.9.4. cut out for outlets

8.9.5. Fill and sand screw holes and seams

8.10. Painter

8.10.1. Becoming a painter

8.10.2. Important Having insurance to cover liability

8.11. Glazier - Glass Installation

8.11.1. Becoming a glazier

8.12. Heavy Equipment Operator

8.12.1. Becoming a Heavy Equipment Operator

9. Ventusky Weather

10. Human Body Systems & More

10.1. National Debt Clock

10.2. 60 minutes Mini-Units

10.3. Fun Learning

10.3.1. The Pyramid of Success Competitive Greatness Confidence Poise Team Spirit Skill Condition Intentness Initiative Alertness Self Control Enthusiasm Cooperation Loyalty Friendship Industriousness

10.3.2. Press Conference of the Day Defend a Debate Question

10.3.3. Ted-Ed Lesson of the Day Quote of the Day

10.3.4. City or Region of the Day 5 minute activity Write down some key facts about your choice... Examples History Climate Georgraphy Demographics

10.3.5. 60 Minutes 60 Minutes Overtime

10.3.6. Khan Academy Continuation of Learning The Circulatory System Did the Heart

10.3.7. Mental Floss & Essential Knowledge

10.3.8. Kahoot Human Anatomy Atlas App Circulatory System

10.3.9. Crash Course Playlist National Geographic Magazine

10.3.10. Reuters Wider Image BLS.gov

10.3.11. Designing Your Life Econ Lowdown FitBrain

10.3.12. State of the Day Country of the Day Classroom Stock Picks

10.3.13. "Click-Bait" Quiz 9 foods that never spoil Rice Beans Corn Starch Honey Sugar Salt Vinegar Hard Liquor Soy Sauce Pure maple syrup Powdered Milk Jerky Wiki Stats Live World-O-Meter World Debt Clock

10.3.14. Kialo - Online Debate - Pro & Con - Critical Thinking Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

10.4. CNN 10 Blank Form

11. Multiplication Facts & States

11.1. Maps

11.1.1. USA Map Blank Complete #2 Completed North Side of Minneapolis Map Other Maps Word Bank of States Minnesota Map List of the United States

11.1.2. Countries of Europe Countries of Europe Answer Key

11.1.3. Citizenship Test Quizlet Matching Function

11.1.4. Amazing Maps Showing Interesting Items

11.1.5. World Map Blank World Map Labeled World Map

11.2. Answer Key - Multiplication Facts

11.3. Online Multiplication Link