Does sport merit the vast sums of money that is spent on it?

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Does sport merit the vast sums of money that is spent on it? by Mind Map: Does sport merit the vast sums of money that is spent on it?

1. Can be used by politicians to divert the society's attention using the media. (e.g. media divert the focus from sensitive political issues to sporting events)

2. Yes it does!!!! (Pro)

2.1. Economical

2.1.1. Advocates tourism Global broadcasted sporting events showcases the environment of the country it is held in to attract people Those interested in spectating the sporting event may want to watch it physically and travel over to the country it is held in. Spend on lodging, food, retail while they are there.

2.1.2. Stimulate the economy by generating profit from merchandise related to the sport when people or sufficient intrerest is drawn to an organised sporting event Beijing Olympics intiated a new industry for merchandise (dolls, stationery)

2.1.3. Manufacture of sport equipment or construction of sports facilities and infrastructure With sport as an industry, demands for sports equipment and facilities have to be met Creation of jobs Greater profits

2.2. Social

2.2.1. Encourages physical activity!!!!!! Healthier lifestyle, benefiting the social, mental and phyiscal wellbeing of people HIgher productivity, higher economic growth

2.2.2. Serves as a form of recreational activity

2.3. Political

2.3.1. Source of national pride when value is seen through the vast amounts of money spent on builting infrastructure or through the hosting of largescale sporting events, e.g. olympics

2.3.2. Few months before 2008 Olympics in Beijing, air pollution level was drastically reduced. This create an impression that China is environmentally friendly

3. Definitions

3.1. Sports

3.1.1. Atheletic activity that requires skill or physical attributes often of a competitive nature.

3.2. Merit

3.2.1. Deserve/ is worthy of

3.3. Vast sums of money

3.3.1. Where does the money come from Large companies or corporations(sponsorship) Governments(funding) Consumers (Collectively) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Media(i.e. advertisement)

3.3.2. Where does the money go to Wages of athletes and those involved in manning the team Provisions for atheletes Meals Uniforms Equipment Organisational or administrative costs in manning the team and in some cases, fan organisations. Capital funding to produce merchandise Building sports facilities and infrastructure such as stadiums, swimming pools, gymnasiums. Prizes and trophies Hosting and organisation of events

4. Arguments

4.1. No it does not!!! (Con)

4.1.1. Political The money could have been channeled on other areas that contribute more to the well being of the society subsidies on basic necessities improve research and development

4.1.2. Economical Exploitation of funds People involved may be overpaid Growing income disparity Developing countries often do not have the funds or infrastructure to host sporting events whereas developed countries do. Developing countries do not benefit as much as developed countries who continue to develop, widening the income disparity.

4.1.3. Social Errosion of true purpose and meaning of sport due to focus on monetary gains Play sport for money not for the game Corrupt practices A platform for discrimination when sport is encouraged as a means to compare one's worth against another's