Spain Builds and American Empire

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Spain Builds and American Empire by Mind Map: Spain Builds and American Empire

1. Spanish Conquests in Peru

1.1. Pizarro Subdues the Inca

1.1.1. Franscisco Pizarro a conquistador led a small army into South America and conquered the Incan Empire.

1.1.2. As they ambushed a large Incan Empire, they ended up kidnapping the chief Atahualpa just for funzies.

1.2. Spain's Pattern of Conquest

1.2.1. As spain conquered the Americas and created a mixed population, Spanish and Native Americans

1.2.2. Native Americans were forced to work for Spanish under a system called encomienda

2. Spain's Influence Expands

2.1. Conquistadors Push North

2.1.1. Spain moved up from Mexico to South Western United States, expanding influence

3. Opposition to Spanish Rule

3.1. The Christian church spread throughout the Americas, but they pushed for better treatment of natives.

4. The Voyages of Columbus

4.1. First Encounter

4.1.1. October of 1492 Columbus landed in AMURRRRRRRICCCCAAAAAAA!!!!!

4.1.2. Columbus thought that the native AMURRRRRRRICCCCCANNNNS were Indians... but here's the kicker! They actually weren't! ahaha...I don't get it...

4.1.3. Spain established many colonies as Coumbus swept through spain

4.2. Other Explorers Take to the Seas

4.2.1. Other explorers from other countries soon set out to claim colonies for their respective countries.

5. Spanish Conquest in Mexico

5.1. Cortes Conquers the Aztecs

5.1.1. Hernandoe Cortes conquered Mexico after colonizing some Caribbean islands.

5.1.2. The soldiers who followed Cortes were known as conquistadors, whom were enticed by gold within the land.

5.1.3. Cortes launched his attack during an Aztec religious festival, but disease was the main undoing of the Aztec empire.