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Tatón Dunes by Mind Map: Tatón Dunes


1.1. We'd like to introduce ourselves. My name is Luciana Oliva and my companions are Mariana Gantus, Lourdes Daga, Regina Bonesso, Belen Venier and Sol Perez.

1.2. We are members of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and it is a pleasure to be with you today.

2. Accommodation

2.1. We haven't hotels in village of Taton

2.2. We can find differents types of hotels in

2.2.1. Tinogasta City Hotels since $1.774 per night Hostal Boutique hotel Campsites

2.2.2. Fiambalá City Hotels since $3.086 per night Hotels 3 and 4 Stars Cabins Boutique hotel Inn Rent a car / Remis Routes- National Route 38, National Route 60, National Route 40, provincial route 34 from Fiambala towards Saujil

3. Region

3.1. It is located in the province of Catamarca in the department of Tinogasta.

3.2. Our destination belongs to the NOA region, which means Northwest Argentina, according to INDEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses).

4. Intro greetings

4.1. Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

4.2. Thank you for visiting this beautiful attraction called "Dunas de taton"

4.3. We are very excited to be your guides today.

4.4. If you have any questions, please raise your hand.

4.5. ok, let's get started.

5. Connectivity and transport

5.1. You can get there by...

5.1.1. Car

5.1.2. Bus (once a day)


6.1. The purpose of today's presentation is to promote The Taton Dunes that it can be known by people and can be visited by everyone.

6.2. We’ll start off with our main objectives. We want to optimize sustainable tourism, improving its promotion and communication. In addition, it is very important for us that the tourist management of the destination is based on the pillars of sustainable tourism. And finally, we seek to attract more tourists and influence their interaction with the destination, promoting conservation and protection practices, in order to achieve the interest of the municipal, provincial and national governments in the management and care of the destination.

7. Summarizing

7.1. Now, just to summarize

7.2. In brief...

7.3. To sum up

7.4. Now, we'd like to summarize...

7.4.1. About.... Main characteristic of the Taton dunes that you cannot miss (Climate, relief, tourism activities, accessibility and services such as accommodation and transport.)

7.5. Well, that brings us to the end of our talk...

7.6. So, to remind you of what we've covered in this talk...

7.7. Let's summarize briefly what we've looked at...

8. Characteristics

8.1. It is located in the vicinity of the town of Tatón.

8.2. It is located between the Puna and Prepuna ecoregions.

8.3. It belongs to the Puna biome.

8.4. It constitutes a natural ecosystem

8.5. It´s a desert area characterized by a large number of dunes


8.6.1. Geomorphological It's found between Famatina system Puna

8.6.2. Hydrographic The Abaucán river basin is the main hydric basin in terms of surface, which is equivalent to 21% of the provincial surface

8.6.3. Ground and vegetation Sandy. Vegetation adapted to the type of soil, that is to say desert

8.6.4. Weather situations Zonda wind White wind Heatstroke


8.7.1. Population The department of Tinogasta has 22,360 habitants

8.7.2. Productive activities Agriculture and viticulture

9. Introduction topic

9.1. Our tour today will be based on knowing much more about the Taton Dunes, located in Catamarca.

9.2. We will talk about how it is and what it has to offer us, its geographical characteristics such as its location, relief, climate, flora and fauna, its activities and its services such as transportation and accommodation.

9.3. Our presentation will be divided into 6 sections, enjoy it.

10. Climate and activities

10.1. Climate

10.1.1. The arid climate of mountains and fields The average temperature is 18°C. Winter Summer The rainfall is less than 500 mm per year

10.2. Activities on Tatón dunes

10.2.1. Tourism Adventure activities Sandboarding 4x4 trips Dakar rally route and competitions Quiet activities Walks Take photos. Photography

11. Conclution: Questions

11.1. Now, we would like to summarize a bit This destination is one of the most... Chosen every year by lovers of Xperience in sports such as .... This destination was a finalist... Here you can find the most ... Miles from here you will find ...

11.2. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them

11.3. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in anything, we will be happy to help you.

12. Conclution Thanking

12.1. We would like to thank you all for your attention and patience, We hope you had a good time and are looking forward to coming back. We wish you have an excellent stay and thank you very much for choosing us!

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