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Power sharing by Mind Map: Power sharing

1. Majoritarianism in Sri Lanka

1.1. The democratically elected government adopted a series of majoritarian policy measures to establish Sinhala supremacy .These are : - Sinhala as the only official language . -Sinhala supremacy over Tamils . -Constitution was amended to protect and strengthen Sinhala language

2. New Topic

3. Ethnic composition of Belgium

3.1. The ethnic composition of Belgium , a small country is very complex . Out of the total population of county , 59 % lives in Flemish region and speak Dutch language. Another 40 % people live in Wallonia region and speak French . Remaining 1% of the Belgians speak Germam.

4. The civil war

4.1. - Civil war broke out between Tamils and Sinhalese. - Thousands of people of both sides were killed . - Thousands of Tamils went out of the country as refugees.

5. In this , power is shared among government at differnt levels .Eg: USA

6. - Reduce conflicts between social groups . - Better outcome . - Stability of political order.

7. What is power sharing

7.1. It is a technique to share power at different levels

8. Forms of power sharing

8.1. Vertical distribution of powers

8.2. Horizontal distribution of powers

8.2.1. In this , power is shared among different organs of government such as legislature , executive and judiciary . Eg: India

8.3. Power sharing among political parties .

8.3.1. Power sharing is also seen in poitical parties ,pressure groups and movements control or influence those in powers

8.4. Power sharing among social groups .

8.4.1. In this , power can be shared among social groups such as linguistic ans religious groups . Eg : community government in Belgium

9. What is majoritarianism

9.1. It is a traditonal politocal philosophy or agenda that asserts a majority of the population.

10. Why power sharing is desirable ?

10.1. Prudential reason -

10.2. Moral reason -

10.2.1. - It is spirit of democracy . - People have the right to be consulted for governing practices . - Power sharing is valuable .