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Mark Hamilton Administrative Philosophy by Mind Map: Mark Hamilton  Administrative Philosophy
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Mark Hamilton Administrative Philosophy

VII. Technology

a. Implementation

b. Solutions/ Resources

VII. Professionalism

a. Attitude

b. Communication / technology based

c. Appearance

d. Continual / relevant training

VIII. Community Relations

a. Communication / technology based

b. Visible

c. Interactions

d. Proactive

IV. Student Centered

a. Keys to Academic Behavioral Excellence

b. Life Long Learners

c. Productive Citizens

III. Curriculum

a. Apply common core standards to align instruction

b. Local curriculum generated by local experts has value

II. Followership

a. People follow ideas, not objectives

b. Inspirational vision

I. Leadership

a. Service

b. Sensitivity

c. Collaboration

d. Example

V. Discipline

a. Promote self-discipline

b. Choices- restitution for behavior

c. Treat all people with dignity, courtesy and respect

d. School policies and procedures

IX. Philosophical Examples


b. John Wooden- COACH

c. Simon Sinek- LEADERSHIP

d. Dr. James Dobson- FAMILY VALUES

e. Abraham Lincoln- HONESTY

f. Robert E. Lee- INTEGRITY

g. John Kuglin- TECHNOLOGY