Florida's economy

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Florida's economy by Mind Map: Florida's economy

1. Florida could miss out on $2.7 billion in federal education funding

1.1. New node

2. Legislature passes $2.8 billion in budget cuts

2.1. Crist vetoes $365 million in cuts

2.1.1. Crist reinstates $270 million for Florida Forever program Atwater says cost could equal 800 teachers or 1,100 highway patrol officers. New node

2.1.2. Merit pay for teachers spared

2.1.3. Cuts to Department of Corrections vetoed Amounts to jobs for 88 correction officers

3. Florida expects $12 billion in federal stimulus

3.1. $3.2 billion would come in during the next four months

3.1.1. Unemployment checks

3.1.2. Road construction

3.1.3. Child care

3.1.4. Job training

3.1.5. Medicaid

3.2. Most of the money cannot replace state spending