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NASS by Mind Map: NASS
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Sale / Fee

Work with set of orgs to change workflow to make org & work more visible to others

Easier to "share"

Easier to "be found"

Easier to stay current


Serve groupings by shared interest, shared experience, or lifestage.

Educator/Curator: spread ideas, find information

Tour guide: help navigate new places

Consultant: identify actions needed

Service provider: help to act

Matchmaker: connect people

Potential Network Pathways

Create "shared experience" for groups (model on "Leadership" programs)

Community Innovation Storytelling

Online communities

Freya most interested in this! :)


Revenue model?


Pay per use





Next Steps?

Desired Outcomes

What are the nodes (or groups of nodes) we're working with?

What do we provide for or do with the nodes?

What tools/platforms do we want to use? How

Customize tools, provide instructions for use, etc. to make it user friendly to use technology