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NASS by Mind Map: NASS
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Sale / Fee

Work with set of orgs to change workflow to make org & work more visible to others

Easier to "share"

Facebook, Share, Subscribe, Like


Social Bookmarking

Easier to "be found"

Website, Directions, Contact information, Mobile-accessible

Organizational Social Media Presence, Facebook Page, Twitter, Blog

Individual Social Media Presence, LinkedIn

Easier to stay current

Websites / Blogs, Google Reader (Google Search)

Keywords, Twilert (Twitter Search), Keyword search list, Org name, People, Staff, Board, Volunteers, Sector-specific terms, Google Reader (Google Search)

Twitter Lists


Serve groupings by shared interest, shared experience, or lifestage.

Educator/Curator: spread ideas, find information

Tour guide: help navigate new places

Consultant: identify actions needed

Service provider: help to act

Matchmaker: connect people

Potential Network Pathways

Create "shared experience" for groups (model on "Leadership" programs)

In person & online engagement

Series of events

Connect people from different orgs / communities, Group by sector, Group by org size, Group by job focus, Examples, Fundraising Group, Leadership training, Network affiliation

Community Innovation Storytelling

Conduct and share video interviews of innovators

Active blogging of activity / success

Curated stories via Social Media (e.g., using

Online communities

Freya most interested in this! :)

Facebook Group?

LinkedIn Group?

Twitter List(s) (e.g., @FDNCenter examples)

Ning group?

Community Building Hub, Innovation, Finding "network stewards"


"How to" documents / videos, Follow us on Twitter, Join a group, Create a blog, Project collaboration tools

Curated searches (e.g., Blekko)

Aggregated feeds, Bookmarks, RSS, Social streams



Revenue model?


Pay per use









Next Steps?

Desired Outcomes

Utilize web-based tools to provide infrastructure to support network/collaboration activities

Scale Grand Vision Network and civic engagement activity

Shared/ viral learning

What are the nodes (or groups of nodes) we're working with?

Poverty Reduction Intiative

Grand Vision Networks and CORE, Network Conveners, Individual Organizations

NorthSky Consultant Network

GV Youth Engagement Team

United Way Volunteer Center

Aging and Disability Resource Collaborative, Network Conveners, Individual Organizations

Great Start Collaborative, Network Conveners, Individual Organizations

Discovery Center- Great Lakes

Whyville? How open is it?

What do we provide for or do with the nodes?

Create a Hub as portal, Create meaning for the users, Show how it helps their work, To make the tools & info relevant to them, "Start Here"

Provide Education on how to use Hub Resources

Market Hub Resources, Things at the hub, Search, Demos, Explanations, explainers, type training, TheSetup:, Model to use for Why and How videos, Information: To find info and to curate, Pre-set search for financial resources, Bleeko, Diigo and other curating tools, Collaboration, Social Media, New node, Crowd Projects,,,, Sales Force Idea Exchange,, Google Moderator, Communication, Keyword "self serve", Twitter, Facebook, Blog Post, Storify for curating, RSS aggregation, Tagging, Constant Contact, et. al., Photos in communications, Flickr

Technical Assistance

Professional Development

Virtual Worlds, Minecraft, Game Based Learning,

What tools/platforms do we want to use? How

Customize tools, provide instructions for use, etc. to make it user friendly to use technology