Phase 1

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1. 1st week Starting date: 21st September

1.1. User can add multi hierarchy phases (there is one phase by default)

1.2. User can add multi hierarchy tasks

1.3. User can drag/drop move tasks between phases and parent tasks

1.4. User can select multiple cells and see sum or average

2. 2nd week Starting date: 28th September

2.1. User can move columns, add and remove them

2.2. User can add and assign to disciplines

2.3. User can add, edit, remove task statuses

2.4. User can enter actual hour for the task

2.5. User can add a comment to a task (conversation style)

3. 3rd week Starting date: 5th October

3.1. User can see the due date for each task and highlight if overdue

3.2. User can see task progresses with progress bars

3.3. User can select start date for the project

4. 4th week Starting date: 12th October

4.1. start date and time

4.2. add custom statuses

4.3. Discipline hierarchy

4.4. Multiple users can provide estimates for the same task, then product owner can review and choose one

4.5. User can see and manage timeline in the same view (for now it can be not detailed)

4.6. User can add fixed cost resources/materials

4.7. User can invite (for now just high-level design)

5. 5th week Starting date: 23th October

5.1. User can see tasks in board style (for now it can be not detailed)

5.2. User can see summary on the same page

5.3. User can see some analytics (high-level design)

5.4. Status ordering

5.5. Estimation logic, multiple user etc, can see or hide

5.6. Sorting states A-Z, Z-A, Default

5.7. Task group in case that sorting is ...