Room 27 Class Rules

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Room 27 Class Rules by Mind Map: Room 27 Class Rules

1. Stay in one place, unless you ask for permission or it's an emergency.

1.1. No walking around the house or leaving your computer

1.2. Raise your hand if you need to move

2. Be seated in an area that helps you learn!

2.1. Stay away from distractions!

2.2. No lying in bed under the covers

2.3. Keep the TV off

2.4. Have pets in a different room

3. Be kind and nice and helpful

3.1. Don't talk back to the teachers. Ask them questions and for help respectfully.

3.2. When someone is talking, don't talk over them.

3.3. Don't say inappropriate things, at all!

3.4. Give compliments to your friends when they do a good job.

4. Be respectful

4.1. Stay muted unless the teacher calls on you or tells you to unmute.

4.2. Listen when the teacher is talking

4.3. Pay attention to the teacher so you don't get off track

5. Be a responsible and mature 3rd grader!

5.1. Don't be silly when it's work time

5.2. No playing on your devices

5.3. No opening tabs when the teacher didn't instruct you to

5.4. Follow directions that the teacher gives