The Fall of Jules

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The Fall of Jules by Mind Map: The Fall of Jules

1. Characters

1.1. Main Characters

1.1.1. Protagonists Crown Princess Rubina "Ruby" Gisela of Jules 14 at the beginning of the book King Vincent of Jules Julian Taverna

1.1.2. Antagonists King Alexander of Jules, 5th Prince of Ariszosi Queen Raychel of Jules

1.2. Side Characters

1.2.1. Helpers Maha Lee Empress Hiroko Kurami of Faros Crown Princess Lorraine of Llonabele Lucas, 6th Prince of Ariszosi

1.2.2. Villains Crown Prince Elijah of Ariszosi Raphael, 2nd Prince of Ariszosi Sebastian, 3rd Prince of Ariszosi Jackson, 4th Prince of Ariszosi Sir Henry Alistair

1.3. Important to Know

1.3.1. King Avitus of Jules Raychel and Vincent's father Human King of Jules Ruby's adoptive father

1.3.2. Queen Katalin of Jules Ruby, Raychel, and Vincent's mother Human Queen of Jules Had an affair baby Died of terminal illness Almost ran away with lover after giving birth to Ruby

1.3.3. Enoch Thiven Ruby's birth father Mage Powerful Mage from Remic Family descend from Llonabele Part elf

2. Countries

2.1. Faros

2.1.1. Capital: Jeru

2.1.2. Social All men and women wear hair coverings Both genders work Marriage between same-sex couples is rare due to discrimination Different races are welcome 2nd highest population of mages

2.1.3. Political Empire Small army due to their big wall

2.1.4. Interactions w/ Environment Tundra Mountains located on left side Very few trees Most of them are located in the capital and it is against the law to cut them down Several small rivers from Remic

2.1.5. Culture Technology Obsidian Brick Wall surrounding the empire Magic-gathering baskets Religion Confucianism Muslim Pagan Art and Architecture Capital based on Chinese/Japanese architecture Countryside has more of a Japanese/Korean influence Bridges EVERYWHERE Philosophies Belief that covering one's hair will protect you from bad energy/spirits (veiling) Royalty who is unmarried must wear their hair down to symbolize innocence and naivety Royalty must also cover their hair in public or in the presence of outside people Royalty that is engaged must wear hair in a half-up half-down style to symbolize on-coming maturity and marriage Married men and women must wear their hair up in a high bun or ponytail to symbolize maturity

2.1.6. Economics Traditional Economic System Imports Exports Obsidian Gold

2.2. Jules

2.2.1. Capital: Kingalia

2.2.2. Social Commoners are either merchants and traders or work in the military Woman are expected to work in the home unless they are noble Men can also take this role Mages tend to be discriminated again despite being the majority that brings Jules its income This is a myth from the creators of Jules who thought mages were imitating the gods.

2.2.3. Political Absolute monarchy Monarch makes all decisions Big army and navy

2.2.4. Interactions w/ Environment Mountainous region in the capital Rest of the country is plains One big river with a few small ones One of the only few countries with a direct bridge to Remic

2.2.5. Culture Technology Art and Architecture French Rococo Tudor Style

2.2.6. Economics

2.3. Remic

2.3.1. Capital: Technia

2.3.2. Social Open marriages Women can become strong mages Usually works at home

2.3.3. Political

2.3.4. Interactions w/ Environment

2.3.5. Culture Technology

2.3.6. Economics

2.4. Llonabele

2.4.1. Capital: Motonia

2.5. Skulea

2.5.1. Capital: Lakellona

2.6. Laivali

2.6.1. Capital: River Rock

2.7. Xanadar

2.7.1. Capital: Teconiar

2.8. Ariszosi

2.8.1. Capital: Devinedom

2.8.2. Social

2.8.3. Political

2.8.4. Interactions w/ Environment

2.8.5. Culture Technology

2.8.6. Economics

3. Species

3.1. Human

3.1.1. Typically average body and size

3.1.2. No magical ability

3.1.3. Clothes vary on country

3.2. Mage

3.2.1. Can be very bulky depending on how much power they have

3.2.2. Usually train in/are from Remic

3.2.3. Clothes tend to be baggy with a tight top or vis versa and have long capes for covering

3.2.4. Discriminated in certain countries

3.2.5. Travelers and merchants

3.3. Half-human/Half-mage

3.3.1. The weakest species

3.3.2. Because of the strong energy in their bodies, they tend to be very fragile or weak

3.3.3. Rarely live past 20

3.3.4. Can be very powerful if they learn how to control the amount of energy in their body

3.4. Elf

3.4.1. Mages descend from them

3.4.2. Originated in Llonabele and Xanadar

3.4.3. All half-mages are part elf

3.4.4. Not all elves are mages, but all mages are part elf

3.4.5. More in tune with nature Their magic relies on the nature around them

4. Story

4.1. Ch. 1

4.1.1. Escaping from the capital to the border of Remic Meeting the main protagonists Ashton helping them escape Going through Ariszosian Outposts Making it across the Remician border

4.2. Ch. 2-3

4.2.1. Moving from the borders of Remic and meeting new friends to entering the capital, Technia Resting by the river borders Moving inwards towards the city Finding a a merchant stall Meets Titania and Elena Elena tells Ruby about her possible magical abilities Ruby is scared of this discovery and shuts down the conversation They leave the merchant stall with all they can carry and head for Technia

4.3. Ch. 4