Esquema a base de articulo escrito por Pablo Espinosa en la revista de la universidad de México como "La música en la era del Gadget"

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1. Difference between correlation and causality

1.1. Causation is an occurrance, we don´t think a lot about the consequence. But, Correlation is to cause something in oder to make another thing/situation happen.

2. Defintion

2.1. When you can claim that one thing causes another thing to happen in order to make this claim

2.1.1. An example can be a consequence of a desicion and action

2.1.2. It has been a really cold day, so i have used many clothes the complete day to increase my own temperature.

3. Relation between correlation and casuality

3.1. The relation is that the causality and correlation makes a consequence that is present after a desicion making process. Therefore, this two variables depend on a desicion and the objective you want to get.

3.2. Cause and effect are correlated, all is connected (in a world of cause-effect)

4. Necessary factors of causality.

4.1. There are many factors where we tolk about causality. However, all are asociated with a probable cause and result.