Dynamic Series

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Dynamic Series by Mind Map: Dynamic Series

1. Dynamic series family covers Signal upto 15A and Power upto 65 A

2. >High Performance Contact >Robust Housing Structure >Secure & Fast Installation >Flexibility

3. Applications Robotic Arm, Printing Press, CNC Lathe machine, Shock Test Equipment, Control Cabinets, Generators

4. It's an Alternative to Terminal Blocks

5. it provides connector solutions ranging from signal level circuitry through power circuit connectivity in a ruggedized, industrialized package.

6. Target Markets Industrial Control,Human Machine Interface, Data Communication, Motion & Drives, Production Equipment ,Robotics Servo Drives, Elevator/Escalator, Power Distribution, Industrial Process Controls, Factory Automation Computers and many more

7. Series Includes D-1000 D-2000 D-3000 D-4000 D-5000 D-7000

8. Catalog links : https://www.te.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController?Action=srchrtrv&DocNm=1-1773732-4_DYNAMIC_SERIES_CATALOG&DocType=DS&DocLang=English&DocFilename=ENG_DS_1-1773732-4_DYNAMIC_SERIES_CATALOG_0514_1-1773732-4_DYNAMIC_SERIES_CATALOG.pdf