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Smartphones, Social: Events & Sites by Mind Map: Smartphones, Social: Events & Sites
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Smartphones, Social: Events & Sites

Before the event

Choose your equipment

Coverage, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint

Operating system, iOS, Android

Device, IPhone, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note

Accessories, Batteries, Mophie, Zagg, Weatherproofing, Otterbox, Lifeproof

Setup social media accounts

Twitter, Promote a hashtag for the event

Lists to identify people, Staff, Speakers, Hashtags for presentation on FIRST SLIDE, (or similar) for documents, Google Doc for note-taking, Online info, Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Bookmarks, Email, Feedback LINK or SMS on LAST SLIDE, Attendees, Ticketing /, Vendors

Private group for your team, GroupMe, Yammer, Chatter

Contact information, Twitter ID on badges, Lanyrd, Lanyrd Services, QR codes on namebadges,

During the event


Twitter, Use the web to help fight spam, Project Tweets,,

Website (Wordpress)


HootSuite, Scheduled reminders


Photos, Flickr, Facebook

Video, YouTube, Live streaming, Ustream, Google+ hangout, Extra Hardware, StudioNeat Glif, Tripod

Audio, SoundCloud, AudioBoo



Curate Stories

Storify (iPad) / Web, TweetBot

Document for reference

HootSuite Archives




TedX resources


Hugman Riverwalk Tour



MDOT Map w/QR Code