Technology In the Classroom

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Technology In the Classroom by Mind Map: Technology In the Classroom

1. Benefits

1.1. When using Projectors it allows everyone in the class to have a clear view because of its big screen on the whiteboard

1.2. Speakers allow everyone in the class to be able to listen and follow along at the same time

1.3. In libraries' headphones allow students to listen to their own personal instructions without disturbing anyone else

2. Challenges

2.1. Less expensive projectors may run hot and cut off in the middle of lecture

2.2. Students in the classroom may sometimes use headphone to listen to music or other media even though this may be against policy

3. Challenges

3.1. Low batteries

3.2. SD card full, lost, or damaged

3.3. Keyboard software not understanding your words when they are spoken

4. Output

4.1. LCD Projector

4.2. Speakers & Headphones

4.3. VGA Cables


5.1. Digital Cameras

5.2. Keyboards

5.3. Scanners

6. Benefits

6.1. Digital Cameras allow Teachers to upload field trip pics faster & easier

6.2. New keyboarding software allows teachers and students to be able to speak into a mic and it will do the typing for you