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5th Project Day April 17-18, 2012 Workshop Content Connected Car by Mind Map: 5th Project Day April 17-18, 2012
Content Connected Car
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5th Project Day April 17-18, 2012 Workshop Content Connected Car

Content for Connected Car has a track record with mixed successes and failures over the past 15 years. Technology has progressed to a point where we can state that ‘anything goes’. So, if it is not technology that is holding the industry back, what is? This workshop is not so much about technology, as about strategic and commercial choices to be made. Some of the questions that will be addressed: What lessons can be learned from the past (technology push, lack of free choice) and the present (open eco-systems have higher survival rate)? Especially OEM’s have a challenge embracing the CCC theme: Should they see it as an enabler for selling cars? Should they make money with content themselves ? Should they allow 3rd parties in ‘their cars’? (if so, on what terms &conditions?) Are they able to establish on their own an attractive eco-system for content providers and users? Or should they connect to the widely accepted ecosystems of iOS, Android & Co?  


Günter Zettler



Carsten Günther

Heidelberg Mobil



Jurgen Moerman




Content for Connected Car, startet as Telematics, interaction, send/receive data, now support of, drivers, maufacturers, service providers

past, dead end discussions, technical driven, not all groups represented, iPhone was introduced2007 ...

need for discussion, all time connection for users, growing, frustration, fragmentation, lack of standards, aftermarket is developing faster, lack of successful business models, everything is a commodity

goals, create 'platform', establish standards

Actors & Roles

# main interest groups, Untitled, context provider, channel provider, Indian-German mobile, R&D HW SW, app development, content provider, OEM, Porsche, Skoda, Siemens, POI, clients, clash of cultures

Lessons learned

mistakes in telematics

collaberation necessary

learn from SW industry, succesfull!, Google / Apple, standards, content + platform + cloud + iTunes + ..., easy to use!, MY LIFE, low level entrance, possibolity to do 'everything', car can only drive, lazy people ..., personalization, smartphone, syncronize!, interaction with apps, needs can be different, elaborate native interfaces

what drives us to install this stuff in cars?, content, technical, app not to be used everywhere, but important for Porsche customer ..., why Porsche app???, new business model, use Google possibilities?, user wants, to choose, have the option, to be connected, information, where is not most important, syncing, home, car, work, ..., what do they want = starting point, car has to communicate, ticketing, in tunnels, there must be an owner of the business case

designing - brand is missing, do I want to have this smartphone, interest of OEM to differentiate, about, integration, seamlessness

2 sides, functionality, user tasks

change for OEM, SW business models, acting with data, change in employees, we have to speed up, differenties, actuall apps, more convenience, real connectivity, car to car, car to ..., known functionallity, new functionality, complance to, roles, Subtopic

What is holding the industry back

we don't know what user wants!

new scenario, creating a new user (Apple), Steve centered design, also be creative ourselves

everyone wants to be on secure side

new players, give and take

platforms, open, closed, cooperation is missing, how to moderate

VW sold cars 100 years



coming from the outside - wishes

navigation in smartphone

Ingredients for succes

from consumer to prosumer!, millions of apps, personalization

collaboration, dialogue in a changing world, standards?, Apple, MS, Android, proporties, safety, IT, users, conneccted to headunit, compatibility, environment, temperature, what (not) to share, content provider, pushing and than a problem for the customer, standard = landing spot, workable for customer, safety, more complexity, Subtopic, telematics platform/standard, OEM's didn't come further, users had a need

low complexity!, Bluetooth too complex for many, system yes, frontend no

looking at wrong customer, not a car-owner ..., hidden agenda Googke and Apple?

Indian auto market, low price cars, looking for cost saving solutions

ecall part part, what in car/smartphone

Internet connectivity, car, phone, ...

example Ford, perfect car, but didn't connect with my phone

Business Mapping by


Hans Terhürne

Interesting links

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Energie Region NRW

Messe Düsseldorf

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