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5th Project Day April 17-18, 2012 Workshop Communication and Mobility by Mind Map: 5th Project Day April 17-18, 2012
Communication and Mobility
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5th Project Day April 17-18, 2012 Workshop Communication and Mobility


Multimodal systems by IT Services

Walter Gunselmann, Siemens Rail Systems


notes, seamless, connectivity, communication, mobile, approach, busines models, owner, integration (aircraft), information management, plane is 'hotspot' in a network, Network Centric Operations, Branchenuebergreifender Aktion erforderlich, how long/often activ, automotive world, plane, train, car, rest of life, Apple, Facebook, ..., how much do we know about the future

Todays & Future Challenges fuer Apps und Services

Carsten Guenther, Heidelberg Mobile


notes, complementary presentation, mobile office in the car, safety first, tendency to complex apps .., looking of easiness, simple apps out of marketing budget, complex apps connected to processes, apps, simple to use, sometimes with complex content, syncing with back end systems, accessing board computer with an app, find your car, register km's, ..., channels, 4 C's, content provider, context providers, channel providers, clients, short app life, ROI?, average Internetter uses max 8 websites, different, business apps, consumer apps, more concentration on mobile app, instead of technical connections, what is economic value?, less traffic problems, analysis on the bigger picture?, but also vacation opportunities, example, no need to make money by selling app because money is created in the network, no selling f app but increase # vacations

Advanced Driver and Passenger Monitoring

Daniel Jendritza, Johnson Controls


Connectivity for Automotive ...

Gerhard Krachler, Magna


Future requirements ...



notes, feeling of aircraft people ..., 3 partners, OEM, consumer, airlines, different views, OEM, fast, long lasting, consumer, great cabin, but plane lasts for 40 years, what do new age people expect, online all the time, but not to pay for it ..., airlines, interior changes every 7 years, dependent of the basic content, Lufthansa is installing connectivity again, stewardess is offering products to buy on the Internet, how to realize it technically, independent interface?, trend is using own device, how human-machine interface will change, many different interfaces, latest status e-devices in plane, dependent on, regulations, organisations, planes, safety, not guaranteed

Ideas & Proposals



Business Mapping by


Hans Terhürne

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