Glocalization chapter

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Glocalization chapter by Mind Map: Glocalization chapter

1. Glocalization in relationship to other concepts - hybridity; creolization; World Systems Theory; Transculturality (Roudometof 2016)

2. Issues of geography, chronology and circulation

3. It enables us to explore the 'impact of “global” interconnections on various “local” societies, without having to necessarily determine whether the label globalized is applicable in every instance.' - Cobb

4. The extent to which pre-modern historians and archaeologists have engaged with glocalization to date

5. The potential for material transculturality as a means of analyzing particular instances of “local” adoption and adaptation of “foreign” material objects or classes of objects

6. The terms origins - Pitts 2008, p. 494; Nederveen Pieterse 2009, p. 52; Roudometof 2016, pp. 2-3, 24

7. Various definitions of glocalization - Robertson 1995; Ritzer 2003, p. 193; Stek 2014, p. 39; Roudometof 2016, p. 79

8. Vandkilde 2016 and 2017

9. Introduction

10. Defining and applying glocalization in archaeology and history

11. Why glocalization?

12. Globalization or glocalization?

12.1. The concepts connected to glocalization and globalization and how they might be distinguished (or how their focus may differ) - Justin Jennings’ Globalizations and the Ancient World (2011)

12.2. Recent scholarly engagement in archaeology - The Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalization (2017); Archaeological Review from Cambridge (2018)

12.3. Why glocalization may be better suited as a theoretical model in some contexts than other concepts like hybridity, creolization and World Systems Theory - Versluys 2014; Pitts and Versluys 2015, p. 6; Hitchcock and Maeir 2013; Jennings et al. 2015.

13. Glocalization and pre-modern history

13.1. Bronzization

13.1.1. MycenaeanIzation - Maran 2011

13.2. The Roman Empire

13.2.1. Witcher 2000 and 2017; van Alten 2017

13.3. Long-distance trade in ancient and medieval Afro-Eurasia

13.3.1. Material transculturality in the ancient Indian Ocean world

13.4. Glocalization in the Americas

13.4.1. Jennings et al. 2015; Jennings 2017

14. Summary

14.1. Utility of the concept