Best Place to Work

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Best Place to Work by Mind Map: Best Place to Work

1. Safe, Secure and Sustainable Business

1.1. Healthy Finances

1.1.1. 15% profit We have implemented value-based pricing GOAL: Develop and document alternative pricing strategies

1.1.2. Our internal reporting is accurate, easy and timely GOAL: Complete transition from Deltek vision to Deltek Vantagepoint

1.2. Predictable Revenue Streams

1.2.1. We are doing Field QA/QC work for clients

1.2.2. We sell our Enhanced database service offering

1.2.3. We are using market-based revenue forecasting

1.3. Growth tied to Succession

1.3.1. $15M Revenue 2023 GOAL: Implement 4 growth strategy actions from the Revenue Growth Roadmap

1.3.2. 75 people

1.3.3. We have a long-term succession plan in place

1.3.4. We have employees that want to become owners

1.4. Fair remuneration

1.4.1. We have a competitive and comprehensive benefits package

2. Meaningful, Interesting and Challenging Work

2.1. Help our clients

2.2. Help the environment

2.2.1. Make mining more sustainable We are recognized as world leaders in optimized mine closure and relinquishment GOAL: Mine planning is an Okane service integrated into the core business and recognized by our clients We provide services for sustainability targets and sustainability reporting

2.3. Work that is creative

2.3.1. We provide mine planning services for autonomous mining

2.4. Foster personal and professional development

2.4.1. We provide an environment for people to grow and advance GOAL: Complete training plans for all Business Units on Accountability Chart

2.5. Volunteering opportunities

3. Caring People who Embody Okane Values

3.1. Feel trusted

3.1.1. Flexible work schedule

3.2. Feel valued

3.3. Feel belonging

3.3.1. We have found meaningful ways to gather staff together GOAL: Celebrate Okane's 25th in 25 different giving ways

3.3.2. Social activities

3.4. Feel recognized

3.5. Feel respected

3.6. Work environments that enhance collaboration and creativity